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March 15, 2021
I haven't been on much lately here at WA, so I apologize if this has been covered already. I am not trying to be political here. But the PROAct will affect many of our businesses or livelihoods. Whether you are pro or con, you should be aware of what is happening. If you are a freelancer or rely on freelancing for your business, Congress has already passed a version of the PROAct. If you aren't familiar with what that is, it essentially could classify freelancers as employees under certain cond
NOTE: This post is geared towards people who have knowledge about PPC and have either tried it or have gone through the training and are thinking of trying it.There are two specific areas I'd like to point out regarding PPC advertising with Bing. This happens with Google, too. But, I haven't used them in a while. The two topics I want to cover are:Quality ScoreBing Message about Below First Page BidFor reference, the following is a screenshot of one of my live campaigns for the month of June:Qu
I have been using FileZilla for several years now. It's served its purpose for my needs. I won't go into whether it's the best solution for FTP and that's not the point of this article. It's something I know, it has been relatively easy to install and it works. I have had no problems with it.Recently, I had to buy a new machine and hadn't needed to use FTP functionality until today. I knew I needed to do the usual installation of FTP like I have always done. When I went throught the wizard, I n
I have been an avid user of Camtasia for several years. However, recently, I became a bit disillusioned by the product. The recent updates didn't seem feature-packed enough to justify paying for updates. I opted not to upgrade.As you are aware, when you don't upgrade software, after a while the company stops supporting older versions. This means that sooner rather than later, TechSmith (the company that created Camtasia) will stop supporting the version I have.I decided to check out alternative
February 22, 2019
Words are powerful. We know that. When we compile words together into sentences, we communicate. That's strong. But, some words serve to weaken your message and three words in particular, do this insidiously. These three words deceive you into believing they help your message when they detract from it. You never needed these words, yet you've used them most of your life. You never will need these words again. Never! Therefore, my solution is to bury them forever.Before I reveal the three words,
If you have gone through much of the training at WA, you may have learned about centralizing your affiliate links. For background info, you can find this training module here: one section of the training (Task 2: Centralising your main Wealthy Affiliate offer), Kyle describes how to limit your affiliate links while still giving your visitors the ability to click on them and make a purchase. You create a page, such as your WA Revie
When searching for affiliate programs, you may find websites that fit perfectly with the concept of your niche. You search for a link to an affiliate program (or referral program) but cannot find any. Is it time to give up and move onto another company? Not yet!Try to find a contact number email or phone number for the company. When you find that info, ask about an affiliate program. Some companies will tell you straight out they don't support this. For these companies, it's time to move on. Do
October 26, 2018
This falls more under the category of a rhetorical question, but if someone does have an answer why I would love to know.How is it that in Bing Ads I receive a message that my bid is below the first page bid when in fact, I get impressions and clicks and my average position is 2+ or 3+? If my average position is 2nd or 3rd that means it appears on the search page according to Bing's description of Avg Position. I've seem Microsoft play this game, too!Curiouser and Curioser!
October 08, 2018
Unfortunately, Google announced today that it is shutting down its Google+ service. It seems it is throwing in the towel as it didn't take off the way the company had hoped. Also, the Engadget report link included below suggested that there was a security flaw that the company knew about but decided that it wasn't worth fixing. this is only for consumer accounts. If your account is considered enterprise-level, then they are co
I received an email from what appeared to be ICANN the other day. For a split second, I thought it might have been legit, but I check everything before responding to any emails.I went to ICANN's official website and they gave me an email address to send the email. After a couple of hours ICANN responded that they don't send emails directly to website owners. They send any requests and information to our Registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc. This is something I knew, but you never know when r