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Last Update: August 31, 2021

Dear Wacky Affiliates (thanks Prince Partha, that's stuck now!)

Thank you so much for accepting me with open arms, despite my admission that I was here for research for my novel.
I then thought i might as well have a go at the training and see if I could possibly become an affiliate marketer, too. Well the answer to that is a resounding NO I CAN'T!
My brain doesn't work properly lately.....I'm hoping this is due to my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as this might improve as it has done in past years (it never goes away). Not only can I not learn new things (especially anything 'techy') but I am unlearning things I knew. I can still, I hope, be creative and sometimes funny (thanks Zoopie 😀), but I have to accept my limitations, mentally and physically.
it's like when I read your posts, JeffreyBrown.....I enjoy hearing what you've been up to, but your daily summaries highlight how little I have done in 24 hours.....

Yesterday I showered and washed my hair, that was a big deal that I had put off for too long (I strip wash every day, of course). I know that once I've stuck my head under the water I'm committed to drying it, after which I will be wiped out for a while. I even had several inches cut off recently, to make it easier, which is a shame as my hair is the only thing about my appearance I like. I stoppped liking photos of myself about three stone ago. I did a little admin and washing (machine) and then that was it for the day.

Please don't think im feeling sorry for myself (well okay, a little bit 😳), but I wanted to explain why I won't, at least for the foreseeable future, be doing any training, or setting up a website. And why I don't often comment on blogs about the technicalities of WA marketing...because I don't know what you're talking about!
But if you'll let me, I'll continue to follow you and interact with you. I so enjoy hearing about your lives and am finding lots of inspiration for my characters.

With warm thanks and fond regards,

Jenny 😘

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Zoopie Premium
You are so sweet. Thanks. Sorry to hear about the CFS. I have had my own, self made, problems. And I have to fight everyday. Humor gets me through. You are shit hot Jennyoi. And for once the wife did not throw it at me. He he.

Teasmade Premium
Sorry to hear you have problems to struggle with daily. I very much doubt they are entirely your own fault…..no man is an island and all that. 😘
RCanty Premium Plus
Sounds like a plan! You are a part of this community, so whatever you need. We are here.

Teasmade Premium
That’s so kind, thank you x
LMH1968 Premium Plus
I hope you find the inspiration you need for your book Jenny :-)
Kind regards,
richardgb Premium
Hi Jenny
For someone who says they can't learn and are unlearning (not sure how English that is, I'll have to check the dictionary) ... you are remarkably eloquent!

Seriously though, thanks for your honest openness; I think that fits perfectly with those who are active in this community ((I'm loathe to call us activists, although some are).

I hope you are doing everything you can to control CFS/ME. Do you happen to know what triggered it?
Teasmade Premium
Lol maybe English grammar is one of the things I’m unlearning!
Thank you for the compliment. No I don’t know what caused it 🙁
SamiWilliams Premium
There are many here worth your research time. Sami