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Dear Wacky Affiliates (thanks Prince Partha, that's stuck now!)Thank you so much for accepting me with open arms, despite my admission that I was here for research for my novel. I then thought i might as well have a go at the training and see if I could possibly become an affiliate marketer, too. Well the answer to that is a resounding NO I CAN'T! My brain doesn't work properly lately.....I'm hoping this is due to my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as this might improve as it has done in past years (
August 11, 2021
Wouldn't it be great if we got to vote for someone from WA to be invited to Vegas with the big sellers? Someone who has been especially helpful to us by providing great information or support? Or someone who has inspired us, or maybe just made us laugh when we needed to?Like voting for a Prom King or Queen?!if you think this is a good idea and you have Kyle or Carson's ear, please mention it. If they like the idea, it was mine, if they don't, well.......... 🤣
August 01, 2021
I love titles and slogans - good ones of course. Maybe it’s my training as an advertising copywriter, or maybe it’s my CFS, as even on a bad day I can enjoy the best ones without effort. And unless we’re already a fan of the author, the title of a book, for instance, is often a one-second deal breaker; does it catch our interest enough to read the synopsis or reviews? Does it give us a taste of what’s inside? For example, would you gravitate to a novel entitled:First Im
A belated hello to everyone. I'm sort of here under false pretences as I'm not planning on becoming an affiliate marketer, but the protagonist in my fledgling novel is, so I need to understand it. I hope that's okay? I'm 61 and have had chronic fatigue for many years, but it's been especially bad the last two. I work as a part time P.A. but my job will be ending soon and because of my health problems I won't be looking for another. So I have no excuse not to knuckle down to writing; getting a n