Black Friday is COMING! Affiliate Promotion Stats and Ideas

Last Update: November 14, 2019

Are you ready for the highest online sales days of the calendar year?

I was listening to a podcast yesterday that said affiliates earn 50% of their annual revenue over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays. This was mind-blowing to me!

Even affiliates who are earning hundreds of thousands per month can see a spike of up to 50% more revenue over the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday weekend. Isn't that crazy?

This means that if you're not preparing ahead of time for these upcoming holidays, you could be missing out big time. is predicting that online sales will amount to $12 billion and we each could have a piece of the pie.

Distress or Feast?

There's typically two camps over the holiday season: the people who are in distress with holiday wishlists and dreams unfulfilled, and the people who are excited and feasting because they have their biggest paychecks and time to enjoy them.

We get to decide in the affiliate space which we'll be.

It's easily searchable to see what people were looking for last year at this time, so it's up to us to write posts and create other content that satisfies what internet users are looking for over the holidays.

What Internet Users Look for Online on Black Friday

If you haven't seen it already, BigCommerce has said internet searchers in 2018 were looking for:

  • Clothing,
  • Tech,
  • Toys,
  • Smart-home gadgets,
  • Gift cards, and
  • Travel.

Therefore, if you have an affiliate partner who offers things in this category, then why not create some content and get a piece of the holiday pie? Make sure your affiliate promotions are relevant to your niche, then go for it.

Start Preparing Now

I read another mind-blowing stat that Ecommerce companies increase the ad spend up to 75% in quarter 4 so they can get customers over the holidays. I know we may be a little late in preparing for these holidays since it's Q4 and we're preparing for Q4, but late is better than never.

Think about:

  • Making some holiday-related blog posts over seasonal keywords
  • Creating a mind-blowing giveaway
  • Making an email sequence
  • Doing some holiday decorating on your site
  • Reading your affiliate partners' upcoming promotions and posting them on social media
  • and, Add Holiday Preparation into your Google calendar in quarter 2 and 3 next year so you can be even more prepared!

It Gets Better Every Year

Not only do the stats of online shopping continue to climb year-over-year, but if you begin practicing internet marketing, you get better at making sales online over time. This year, may or may not be your best year with sales over the holidays, but next year, be ready, and do better.

Last year, I did a few holiday promotion things, but I was confused and nervous about what to do. This year, I'm like "heck, I'll do everything I can". Hahaha.

Take a stab at it. Don't sit on the sidelines. The worse case scenario is you get practice for a better Black Friday next year.

You get better by doing.

What are you doing to Prepare for Black Friday?

I know I have holiday projects underway (many things I mentioned in this post). What are you doing to participate in the grand $12 billion economic feast? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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SondraM Premium
Tiffany, I hope that you have some awesome sales resulting from your Black Friday preparations.

As fate would have it, I will be a consumer/shopper this year. However, the review post ideas for things that I am shopping for have already taken on an outline form. These activities will pay off next year.

I hope that your family has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.
TDomena Premium
Thanks Sondra. It sounds like you've already got a piece of the pie with your recent house sale! I'm sure more than 50% of us will be consumers, but hopefully, some of us are in the bigger paycheck club too! Hahaha.
Lito-Jhie Premium
That gave me a push to revive my Toy niche website! Thanks Tiffany!😁
TDomena Premium
Yay! Bring it back to life!
Sie3 Premium
Briliant ideas!
I'm still crawling, but I'll try to prepare for the black Friday.
You're awesome:)
TDomena Premium
It gets better every year. You crawl this year and walk next time. Best wishes for your holiday promotions and holidays overall!
texasprinces Premium
so cute and inspiring! I am going to follow your advice and give it a try!!
TDomena Premium
You get better and better every year. Best wishes on your holiday promotions.
LauraFuller Premium
Thank you for this information. I am like "heck I'll do everything I can." Love it.