2 Years at WA - Whooaaaa Lets Take a Look at What I've Accomplished

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Two years ago, my son was just recovering from some medical issues related to his heart. For some reason, at 10 years old, his heart rate went down to 30 BPM and he had gotten very lethargic.

I didn't know what to do but to take him to doctors, but no doctors had answers. We got lots of x-rays, but nothing gave clear diagnostics. The structure of his heart was fine. His thyroid was operating fine, and many other things doctors tried wasn't working. I remember panicking about how many medical bills were piling up and not knowing:

  • How much they were
  • When they'd stop piling
  • Or, what I'd do about them

That situation with the heart issue went on for about 4 months before I went to a chiropractor who solved the problem with a few adjustments. Thank God!

I remember thinking about what skills I had that could benefit my family and get us out of that scary financial situation. Doctors in the US will see you and slam you with thousands of dollars in bills months later, and you have no way of predicting the amounts!

At the time, my husband and I were both working in his construction startup, but I didn't really feel like that was the best use of my skills. I was mostly going to Home Depot and other hardware stores picking up supplies, taking them to the workers, going door to door to drum up business, and attending local events to attract customers.

I was working, but I felt that there was more I wanted to do, and something closer to my life purpose.

Going backwards a Little

I had already published 15 books and I had a blog I'd been writing on for awhile. I had made royalty income that had reached $300/mo before, so I knew I could make more if I had more knowledge about internet marketing.

Maybe I should've been on birth control considering how scared I was about the medical bills, but I wasn't. Hahahaha. And...

I got pregnant.

I decided to quit working with my husband and start my own business when I was pregnant with baby #2. My first pregnancy was high risk. In fact, I was in the hospital for 4 months because of pre-term labor. As a result, I was very nervous during the second pregnancy.

I didn't want to carry heavy supplies and put the baby at risk, so my husband and I agreed, I probably shouldn't be working so much in the business--this freed up time for me to reconsider what I SHOULD be doing. I did some freelance marketing work: ghostwriting, designing graphics, and putting marketing strategies in motion.

I decided I really love helping startup businesses with marketing. I also decided I really love blogging. I just didn't know how to get the passive components of blogging and the active components of working with startups to work in a way I felt comfortable.

I don't know why, but I was super scared of spending money on my business! I was okay with spending lots of money on construction tools and supplies, but when it came to online business, it seemed so convoluted and uncharted that I was scared to spend money on it. Despite my fears, I remember being up late one night talking to my husband about my next steps.

He was a little skeptical, but he wanted to reciprocate the support I had shown him in his startup, so he said "If you think this is what you need to do, do it". I took what he said and signed up for Wealthy Affiliate and another course the same night. Hahahaha.

I'm glad I did!

My Media Kit

Today, when I got my 2 year dedication badge, I decided to make a media kit that gives a small picture of what I've been able to accomplish since joining Wealthy Affiliate, and hopefully, you all are okay with me sharing it with you.

(Page 1)

(Page 2)

I haven't given this out to anyone. This is just to share my accomplishments with you all here, so don't take my collaboration fees as a gold standard (although they sound pretty nice, right?). Hahaha.

My Accomplishments over the Last Two Years

I think it's pretty cool that I've been able to:

  • Grow my website to 27,000 pageviews/mo
  • Grow my Youtube channel to 954 subscribers
  • Grow my Pinterest to 870 subscribers
  • Grow my email list above 1000 subscribers
  • Get 41 sales away from the Wealthy Affiliate Vegas trip
  • Interviewed several 6-7-figure internet entrepreneurs
  • And, grow my income in a new way because I hadn't earned $1 with affiliate marketing before and now, I'm making $2k+ monthly

Whooooaaaaa! I feel like I've accomplished alot. I know it's possible to accomplish more, but I'm happy with what I've done.

Obstacles I've had while Building my Business

Over the last two years while all this has been going on, I've also been a mom of two: a 3-year old and a 12-year old, and a wife. I've also been learning about life outside of the military: discovering insurance, deciding on what healthcare providers my family may need, and so on. My husband's business is very demanding, so I'm the primary caretaker of the kids and the home.

My son has been in the hospital 5 or 6 times over the last 6 months, and I've maintained my productivity: even posting from the hospital and shooting videos while in parking lots.

I know how tough it can be because I've had my share of hard knocks, but if you love it and you want it bad enough, you'll commit and make it happen. This business is the most flexible I've found because you can leverage time you spent last year and it can work for you today. My old Youtube videos and blog posts are still working for me! It's withstood my peaks and valleys in productivity and I've still seen growth.

I know that as my skills continue to develop, things will continue to get better.

My Words for You

If you are starting out or you've been at it for awhile, it's important to appreciate your journey and your milestones. Race yourself.

If you stay focused on other people's journey, you can miss your direction and undermine your accomplishments. I've done this. I've seen Youtube channels that grow to 100k in the 1st year and I can look at mine with disappointment, but when I add context and remember my skills, my obstacles, and how far I've come, I can say "Tiffany, you did the best you could with what you had....well done". Don't forget to encourage yourself and celebrate your wins.

Now, 2 years is down for me and I don't plan on retiring anytime soon. My career here is just getting started! Thanks to Kyle, Carson, Jay, and this entire community for your tips, advice, training, support, and hospitality!

You've helped me to grow so much and I'm grateful. Can we do this for 2+ more years (maybe 15-20+)? Hahahaha.

Want more from Me?

If you'd like to learn more about my journey or things I've learned along the way, you might enjoy my video training. I've published income and traffic reports in video case studies as well as training on topics like High Ticket Sales, Website Structure, Business Planning, and more. You can check out my training here.

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As Hilde said, I also think you are amazing. You are a really super cool person with a huge heart. I love that you love to help people. I am guessing that a lot of your success is because you are come across as a really authentic believable and honest person. You dont big up your skills but you do never the less show how proud you are of your achievements, which the reader (well this reader at least) feels like its all possible with hard work and consistency

What a great post.... :) :) .

Thanks so much Cordelia! It’s amazing how much you can pick up from a blog post. I really appreciate hearing your feedback and your compliments. I agree, it takes hard work but it pays off.

Wow, Tiffany, what an amazing and inspirational share!

Thank you so much for the commitment you've shown because that gives me so much encouragement at this stage! Truly, I'm blown away!

I certainly look forward to seeing you grow and add so much more value to your family and community!

Best wishes, and to your ongoing success!


Thanks so much Jacquie! I’m so glad my story is inspirational for you.

Absolutely, big inspiration thank you Tiffany!

You’re welcome!

Tiffany, you have a drive and spirit that will take you places most dream of. Sad that 15 books mean around $300 a month in royalties, you must be an Amazon Kindle Author. Regardless if done right these books are a great traffic source to your blog and from there you can monetize them better.

I agree. $300 isn’t worthwhile for all the time. I’ll have to rethink my whole plan with the books and Christian lifestyle brand at some point, but my current focus is How to Entrepreneur.

You’re right they can be a good traffic source if I decide to optimize them as lead magnets. Maybe someday when my focus is shifted away from HTE, I’ll do that.

Thanks for all your kind words and ideas!

Be sure to connect with Gundy Gabriel on Amazon. Her books will help a lot and show you how to turn your authoring into a massive traffic and authority building resource. She has around 12-15 books and makes a lot more than $300 a month off the traffic, connections, and her niche related training course. She does private coaching as well and has a great free to join Facebook Launch Group for Kindle authors.

I think my problem starts from the beginning with keyword research for titles and landing pages, and things I didn’t know before joining here. I’ll take a look at her though. Thanks!

She teaches all of that in baby steps but your challenge is one of mine. I think too much in terms of the search term and not enough in the context of a question my readers may ask so the post get going kinda slow at times.

BTW I have tabled my book which was to be called Scaling Up- A Bloggers Guide To Million Visitor Traffic. A Good title but I am now making the book, thick by Amazon Standards into a digital training course series to launch next yer. It will do me far more justice in that format and I can still write a book of excerpts next year to drive more traffic and attention to the courses.

I agree. Courses offer much more revenue potential than ebooks and it can be almost the same time spent. I may go that route with mine as a way to monetize my Christian lifestyle website. We’ll see.

Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for sharing your journey and challenges in life. I love how you transitioned to Affiliate Marketing. Your progress is quite impressive when taking into account what you had to cope with. Family comes first and you demonstrated that so well in taking care of your kids.

I wish you continued success in your life.



Thanks Edwin! I agree, family come first. It's awesome that choosing to be flexible for my family has led me to a great career choice! I also hope you're seeing success in your business as well.

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