The Road So Far - 3 Months

Last Update: April 07, 2016

Another month passed by and I want to share some exciting news with you.

Current Progress

After 3 months, I slowed down my learning curve at WA, but increased my activities with my website and social networks.

It brought me some good achievements as my first free product for review long before it hits the market. The community here has a lot to do with it as many of you helped me with very good comments when I posted an article about this product

I also got denied by Amazon Affiliate Program and then got accepted, which means that I made my first sell and then did it again. ;)

For just 3 months, the results are overwhelming. Every time you slow down a bit, you get something that reminds you that it's actually working, so we get motivated to keep doing it.

I also started a new website and want to finish the first article this weekend. It's very exciting as I'm trying to put everything I learned from WA and my current experiences together.

My Website(s)

My current website,, has received some great traffic and I'm having fun with it. Not to mention all the board games I end up knowing before everyone else.
My current stats are:
  • Monthly sessions: 701
  • Unique users: 619
  • Page views: 1,035
  • Traffic from Google: 99
  • Traffic from Social Networks: 225

You can see that my organic search slowed down, but I had a great increase in traffic coming from social networks, which has being paying my time off.

My number of posts went to 24.

Now, regarding my new website, I've been working hard on it and you guys can peek at it at Just be aware that there's no real content yet and I'll probably have my content finished this weekend. It's a bilingual website and it takes more time to get everything ready.

If you want to chat or keep updated about my progress, you can get in touch on Twitter:

See you later.

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LizHennessy Premium
Keep the great work up! I am two months behind you and hope that I can achieve what you have by the time I hit three months in. :)
Tchelow Premium
I hope you achieve much more Liz. :)
DianneBee Premium
Wonderful progress! I am the tortoise in comparison lol.
Tchelow Premium
Haha. We all have all time. All of the sudden everything happens :)
StuartI Premium
Great job!
Tchelow Premium
Thanks Stuart!
RobinHudson Premium
Nice going Marcelo!!
Tchelow Premium
AriefWibowo Premium
What a great progress. Congratulations.
Tchelow Premium
Thank you! :)