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Another month passed by and I want to share some exciting news with you.Current ProgressAfter 3 months, I slowed down my learning curve at WA, but increased my activities with my website and social networks.It brought me some good achievements as my first free product for review long before it hits the market. The community here has a lot to do with it as many of you helped me with very good comments when I posted an article about this productI also got denied by Amazon Affiliate Program and th
Hello everyone,Yesterday I was contacted by a company that makes board and card games about the possibility of doing a review from a new game they are launching in a Kickstarter (a global community to raise founds to launch a new project).As I always do, I created a post about this Kickstarter project and asked some comments from the community to help show the creators that my website has the power to achieve a good number of people.The WA community gave me some massive and helpful comments and
So yesterday I took a look at my Amazon Affiliate page and I had 3 products that were ordered and awaiting confirmation. I was happy as it was my first selling and was just waiting for the money.Today I received an email saying that my affiliation was denied and my account closed.The reason, they say, is one or more of this:- Lack of content which is original to your site and beneficial to your visitors- Pages that are mainly empty when advertisement content is removedNow, I could say that my w
March 19, 2016
Hello everyone,As most of you already know, I write articles about board games. I mainly have 2 areas to write about: reviews about board games I already played and news about kickstarter projects or interesting facts.In my last article I wrote about a new Kickstarter project called Small Star Empires (you can check it here: and for my surprise I received a comment from the creator of the game in this very page. That's amazing! I'm still su
I just completed 2 months here at WA and with my website, which means it's time for a blog post about how everything is going. ;)Current ProgressI'm currently on Course 5, Lesson 6, which I believe is really good. I'm still learning a lot with everyone and all the courses, so it's still a very good experience. I believe I have found a new niche to work on, but it's still not time for that. I want to keep focused on my board game website ( and keep applying what
One of the most common problem people face when sharing their website posts on Twitter is that there's too little followers to the content really have some effect.A lot of people ask me about strategies to build a good follower network and, besides tweeting relevant content, following people and sharing your Twitter account everywhere, there's really too little one can do to increase their visibility. But it's not the end of the world. I have a secret that will help you get some good active fol
One of the few things people think when creating an online business is how fast it is to access it and less often that a fast loading website has more chances to index on Google. One of the main things that can help you increase your site response is enabling Gzip Compression.Gzip Compression enables your server to compress all data before sending it to whoever is accessing your website, saving, in some cases, a few megabytes of information and making everything much faster.To enable Gzip Compr
February 06, 2016
Hello everyone,As I complete 1 month in 2 days, I thought it was time for another update in my progress.Current ProgressI'm currently on Course 3, Lesson 8. I didn't progressed as much as in the first 2 weeks, because writing content takes time and I always want to make everything perfect, so finding images, reviewing texts, figuring out if I didn't miss anything drags me for around 1 to 2 hours for every post I write. I don't mind the time I spent doing it, because it's a subject a enjoy, so I
January 21, 2016
After 2 weeks at Wealthy Affiliate and a lot accomplished, it's time to write about it and share my experience.My current progressI finished the first 2 courses available and did some others in parallel. This gave me a very good foundation to start my new website and write about what I like.I've being really enjoying write content to my website as, for the first time, I'm writing about things I enjoy doing and it's a lot of fun.My websiteThe website I created is