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Last Update: October 11, 2019

Hello WA's!

With this post I am willing to share my progress with you.

The main and foremost point that I have accomplished: taking the decision!

I took the decision I was going to give WA a fair chance! That means, I will make time, I will put in effort, I will enjoy writing about what I love (my first niche website), and I will embrace the challenge.

Wait, why challenge? Because I had to find the right time and place that I could dedicate to WA and posts writing, I had to prioritize and make a good plan in order to be able to fit my 40 hrs full time job and other commitments.

But IT WORKED! And today I feel happier and more energized than the first day I joined WA because I look back and I see that I have accomplished something. Not much....but something :)

Good luck to all of us in much more success still to come!



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Mick18 Premium
Congrats on your progress. Keep moving forward. I wish you much success.
ExpatMark Premium
WAy to go Tatiana! A great attitude you have. Any girl with a 4-syllable name is WAy ahead of the curve. Good luck with all you making money onlne endeavors and just PM me if you have any questions.
j52powell Premium
Great to see you have the energy and enthusiasm to push ahead.

VitaliyG Premium Plus
Nice work Tatiana! I look forward to seeing your future success posts, keep us posted.
megawinner Premium
Yes. I am delighted with what would happen in the next few days with you here on the WA journey. Keep us posted. One word of advice. Keep going, keep improving. keep doing something one day at a time. All the best!
TatianaLG Premium
Thank you for the support!
All the best,