Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.

Last Update: Dec 18, 2016


'Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.'

I'm at the beginning of my journey. The beginning. The beginning of writing content for my website. It feels a little bit daunting right now, so its one step at a time. Or shall I say one post at a time. Writing down my to do list, content ideas, my goals to build the foundation of my website.

Looking for inspiration, I came across this quotation which seems fitting.

Success is the accomplishment of achieving desired visions and planned goals. So here I go, like many before me and many behind me within the WA community.

Off to write my first post.

Did you ever find the beginning the hardest?

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I agree with you Tasna.

Thanks for commenting.


For me, the beginning ins't that bad. It is keeping the momentum when other distractions come up.

Thanks for sharing the quotes.

Thanks for commenting. I'll try and remember the momentum as being step 2.

Very nice post, thank you for your thoughts and inspiration:)

Thanks for commenting. All the best.


You are welcome.

Never be a quiter.

Oh, I like that. Good saying! Thanks.

Jimmy V said in his ESPY speech in 1993. Never going to forget that. Never give up, never ever give up. Every time I hear that speech a tear comes to my eye.

Thanks. That is inspiring.

No problem.

Thank you for sharing, very much appreciated.

Thanks for commenting.

You are very welcome Tasna.

I am in the beginning stages as well and sometimes have a hard tie finding the time to work but I have not given up and work diligently. Maybe a bit slower than others but at my own pace and I am sure I will succeed in the end. Good luck to you

Thanks. Good luck to you too.

Thanks Tasna for Great encouragement.

Thanks. You are welcome.

That is so true. When I first started my blogs and my shopify site, it was rough, and I felt like it wasn't worth it. But I kept going, and now I've gotten sales on my shopify site and traffic/comments to my blogs!

Thanks. That's inspiring.

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