Just Did It Took the Plunge

Last Update: July 01, 2016

Today I decided to just do it. I upgraded my membership to premium. For the wealth of resources, educational tools, courses, real time support, and networking, it’s pennies to pay for such an investment in myself. I can't imagine why one wouldn't upgrade - it's worth it and you're worth it. I believe that what you want to be you will become when you take action. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with other like minded and successful people. If you want to be an entrepreneur, surround yourself with entrepreneurs. The free version of this membership was like unlocking the door and peeking in. With the premium membership, I'm in! That is why I’m here.

I love to learn and am ecstatic with all of the classrooms, curriculum, and support services here. I’m like a sponge at this point, soaking up as much knowledge and expertise as I can so that I can build a strong platform and foundation for my successful business to come. I have a lot of niche ideas and a vision for tying them together eventually. The main thing is to get started, to get moving and going. It’s better to do something every single day vs. doing nothing. I’m committed to the daily investment of myself and my business here.

With my goals and a plan in place, I look forward to finishing up my first affiliate classroom and getting my first website up and running. I look forward to completing the other classrooms and the bootcamp. I also look forward to circling back around at this time next year to see just how much I’ve grown and accomplished, both personally and professionally from this. And to meeting and hopefully being of help to other members along the way. Here’s to new beginnings and a fresh start down this road to success!

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bazboy247 Premium
You will not regret it
CMohring Premium
Awesome Tanya! Best of luck!
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Tanya, congrats on going Premium. It sounds like you are very ambitious and I would have to believe that you have a very bright future ahead of you! :)

Keep us updated with your progress moving forward!
PSchafer Premium
Welcome Tanya! Congratulations!
Belden Premium
Congratulations for going premium!