My First Blog Ever - Gotta Start Somewhere

Last Update: June 01, 2012
Hey WA, my name is Sean and I have been a member for a long time but have done nothing. Never left WA cause always felt something special here and know that this is an awesome community with some extremely sharp people here. Especially Kyle and Carson, and many others that I have seen,thanks for all you efforts.
So was wondering what you guys would do with my situation. Granted, I don't know if my situation and resources are good or bad cause haven't participated much in the education. Here are some assets that I have: Facebook account with 2,000 members(never been very personal with them) and they are there. 2 twitter accounts with around 4,000 followers, same as facebook, not very personal. Got to day 3 of the 30 day challenge and bought a domain name of that idea from a Jay seminar) thanks Jay. Then realized that I don't have a clue about what to write about concerning writing articles for cash, cause I have never done this, hmm... what was I thinking. So not sure what approach to move from with this.
Last great resource is WA and thank God your here cause my outcome out of all of this is to make this my full time income and walk from my J.ust O.ver B.roke by the way I am an Assistant manager at a convenience/gas station in WI. were I bring home around 1,900 per month. Any input, help, thoughts, ideas, Yoda like comment would be greatly appreciated or this is what I would do silly :)
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freedomforus Premium
Hey! Great 1st Blog. Don't slow down!!! If one just thinks about he/she rather than me there is no stress!!! THX Larry
phaeton Premium
Hey Sean;
You sound a lot like me. I to would suggest that you go back and take the 30/30 again. I have accepted the challenge and I am currently a few days behind but I am confident that I shall catch up or even surpass my article count by the 30th day.

Don't worry so much about monetizing your articles. As Thomas Paul says write the articles figure out how to monetize them later. The point is to write Articles. the more you write the better you get. Case in point I am just writing about my city. Check it out here on SA The articles on Sarnia *Sarnia: 3 Links To Space* etc.

You can also link to other articles in SA as long as they are relevant to your current article. I wish you great success. Congratulations on your first blog. Looks like a great start.

tagrich Premium
The 30 in 30 sounds like a good skill set thank you for pointing me in that direction, wishing you great success also. :)
phaeton Premium
Thank you, tagrich. Let me know when you start.
josephthl Premium
Hi Sean,

There's a lot of different avenues you could pursue with your site. You should try and come up with all the different categories you could write about.

For instance, freelance writing is one potential way people can generate fast cash writing articles. There's a need for various types of article writing (news, seo, etc.) and a lot of these jobs can be found on Elance, odesk, etc. The category of freelance writing can be broken down into even smaller sub-categories, each of them relevant to your domain name.

There's also writing articles to achieve affiliate sales. This would include putting together a blog and writing articles for that which have links to places like Amazon, walmart, etc (any place you get a sale).

There's also some article directories that split revenue over Adsense clicks. Some of the ones that come to mind are Squidoo (though not technically an article directory) and Suite101.

Finally, when you've exhausted all ideas of your own, do a Google search and see what you can come up with.

It would greatly help your credibility (and content) if you could also try out many of these article writing ideas. You can even write a review on each way of generating cash and find out which way is the best (or the fastest, or the best paying).

Anyways, hope this helps!
Patricia R Premium
Great piece of advice.
ThomasPaul Premium
Hey Sean, I don't know if I have the Yoda like comment for you. Here are some ideas.

You could start the 30 day challenge over with a new domain. The domain you are doing doesn't necessarily have to be in the make money online niche. Most interests you can be monetized in some sort of way.

Finish the 30 day challenge with the domain you have. If you don't know what articles to write, you could just write articles about what you are currently learning about writing articles for cash. I hope that made sense.

Use what you don't know to your advantage. If there is anything you are unsure of write it down. Then find the answer to it by searching google, asking in the forums, etc. Then you can write an article about the problem you were having, how you found the solution to your problem, what the solution was, where you found the solution, etc...

Congrats on your first blog post! :)
mckventure Premium
That's some great advice right there! Makes it a great personal blog that can draw attention for those seeking something like WAU!