Sales Rising To New Heights

Last Update: March 05, 2020

This is so exciting! Amazon is finally catching up with my crazy sales this week. I had 36 items ordered today and 35 shipped for a total of $37.56 in sales in just one day! That is my highest one day sales ever from Amazon. I have had higher paydays from monthly Wealthy Affiliate commissions but this is a new record for my websites. You may recall I had 55 sales a few days ago. Not many of them shipped yet however.

For the first three days of March I have made $86.95! Wow! That is way more than my previous monthly high of $64 that I just broke finally in February. I have made over $151 in the last week. This is incredible. I had orders for everything from supplements, toilet paper, dryer sheets, rice and laundry soap today. Most of this profit is from supplements. Earlier this week there were dog bones, cat supplements, litter boxes and a cat tree as well from my pet site. All the commissions from both websites go into the same account however so all the money is paid out together.

I am quite happy with these results. I am thrilled with my conversion rate. Here is the image again with the rest of the info so you can see the conversion rate.

I have had a 42.25% conversion rate over the last three days! That is crazy. Out of 213 clicks to Amazon over that time, there were 90 items ordered.

Of course everyone who goes to my website does not click through to Amazon. This is the conversion of people who come to Amazon and then buy something. The conversion rate of all visitors to my website would not be nearly that high.

This is still really good though!

I hope you all see that persistence pays off here. I have been a member of WA for 4 years and had the website that is getting the bulk of these sales now for 2 years. I only have 16 posts on it though!!! It is a baby! I have very high quality content however that answers people's questions and I am very picky about keywords. Only the best. I was in the right place at the right time to get these sales by writing content relevant to current events.

March is off to a great start for sales at least.

Onward and upward!


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BarnBytes Premium
As you were the first person to welcome me I am looking at your journey and thinking what an awesome job you have done . I 'm reading through your blogs and realizing that if I work at it I can get there .I'm at work now so can't spend my days but have about 2 hrs spare each day during the week.. I wonder if I could achieve your goals as they are very different to mine ??I just need to think of something that I can concentrate on ..Orange juice website maybe :)
... the toilet paper thing is funny .. literally none left in Tesco's (big supermarket) today
Have a great evening
TheAdvisor Premium

You sure have me something to be hopeful and looking forward to.

I feel like I gained an insightful idea of what I can possibly expect according to my blog publishing frequency and quality in whatever caused you to start earning traffic in time with this number of published blog posts so far!

Congratulations by the way on achieving a daily personal high record in sales on your websites-

Who cares how long it takes us to see these kind of results? Not all of us have the time that we would love to have in order to be more grounded and focused in building and growing their business!

What's the most important thing to take note is: that the training provided here inside Wealthy Affiliate- works!

Bald Eagle Premium
Of all the many success posts here on WA I think yours is amongst my top three - I just love your humility and enthusiasm.
Long may your sales continue to grow.
I think a very important point in your success is the fact that even the small amounts start adding up.
Very happy for you.
RDulloo Premium
Wow, that's amazing, Jessica! Congrats on your new milestone and achievements. Yes, hard work does pay off. We just need to work hard, believe in ourselves (and the WA training) and be patient.

There's no cutting corners, but there's lots of proof that hard work pays off. Thanks for being a prime example of that and for being so inspiring and motivating to a lot of us at WA.

I'm sure there is much better in store for you! :) Wishing you the best.
Bobbi1 Premium
Awesome Jessica, I am so looking forward to the day when my website really takes off, I have sold about 10 books so far, but random clicks, the conversion rate is very low for the month and a half that my website has been up and running, Can I ask how long it took you to get the sales you are getting now?
Swangirl Premium
Hi Bobbi,

I have been here 4 years but didn't start this site (my second) until 2 years ago. I only have 16 posts though so don't let the timeline discourage you! I didn't put much time into this site and wasn't very consistent. I have way more content on my first site and that one gave me more sales until the last few months. I have a career already as well as a side business so I just don't work on my sites as much as I should.