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Last Update: November 18, 2012
I am just starting here, I think I am on day 12 and have finished level 2 but on reflection the website I started sucks so must scrap it and start again!! the old adage better to have failed than never to have tried!!

So I am thinking of the next course of action, I really like the simple sites that concentrate on one topic and flesh it out until complete occasionally adding to it as time moves on and that is what I want to do ... it is just finding that one particular topic!!

Where to start grrrr so many options so much deliberation it is at this point I need to give myself one huge lecture - just do but am not hearing it...

Thanks to Kathy I am writing this, I am very sorry if I have bored you all rigid!!

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ECAffiliates Premium
So many options - take the first and start. I have found that I return to the first lessons and redo just to see what I have missed or what I can do better. And yes my website look much better with time. Things do get changed and do get added. Write your goals down for the day. This helps with concentrating on one idea. Don't move on until task is completed. Or write it down to return to the next day. Sometimes lessons take time. This also helps with organizing time.
swandster Premium
Thank you all so much for responding - this is wonderful and great to know I am not speaking to the wall!! I will blog so much more please promise not to get too bored11
tdmitchell Premium
After we learn from our mistakes, it is sometimes better to start with a clean slate. I have found also that one topic leads to another. It is very difficult to concentrate on one topic especially since in our research it leads us to new ideas. Good luck
@RICH. Premium
Rinse. Repeat. I wouldn't agonise over trying to choose a "perfect" niche. I think my first three lasted as many weeks. I'd also avoid anything that'll be a pain to write about or flesh out after a few posts. If there are news streams for a topic, it can make life a lot easier. I'd certainly start with something you're passionate about or at least interested in. Then progress from there. I doubt your first niche will be your last. ;) Rich.
lanesamarie Premium
I feel you swandster, I am on the same both like you.