Wealthy Affiliate Is A Learning Community!

Last Update: July 19, 2017

Wealthy Affiliate Is A Learning Community!

What Is The First Thing You Read When Starting The Training?

We Would Like to Personally Welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate!

You have definitely made the right choice in joining the community here at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is the very first thing new members read. It is the very first sentence within the Online Entrepreneur Certification - Level 1 Lesson 1 of 10

Even More About Community From The Very Beginning

In this Lesson you will become involved and immersed within the awesome community at Wealthy Affiliate. This is a community that cares about your success, and one where you will create wonderful relationships within the industry. You will soon learn that you can SUPERCHARGE your learning and ultimately, your success by being active in the community, and immersing yourself.

How easy this must be for some members, who have been with Wealthy Affiliate for some time, to remember!

To Supercharge Or Not To Supercharge?

If your wish is not to be a part of this community (which is foretold in the very beginning), but solely for the purpose of getting online, hosting, and learning how to make money, are these things not made available to you whether you choose to be a part of the “community” or not?

Perhaps if what one member refers to as Kyle & Carson's “romantic notion of community” is not your thing, or is not up to your perception of what Wealthy Affiliate should be, it is time for you to move on.

Perhaps this would be a great time to visit Kyle's Blog Post titled Be An Ambassador at WA in 2017! There you will see in big bold text - We Truly are A COMMUNITY

Advertising Tactics

If your advertising for Wealthy Affiliate is not including the fact that it is Learning Community, who is to blame for your referrals who join then quit because soon discover that WA is not what they perceived from your advertising? It is your responsibility as an affiliate to advertise Wealthy Affiliate for what it is, not for what you think it should be.

You Are Not Held Captive

In an early blog post I wrote titled Why Did You Join Wealthy Affiliate, I stated that I personally upgraded to the premium membership and was & is still willing to invest $47.00 a month not only for the knowledge I gain from the training, but for the fellowship and mentoring I receive from the members within. It is my choice just as it as everyone's who joins Wealthy Affiliate. This is no cult, there is no brainwashing, you are free to leave without any repercussion whenever you feel like the platform is not meeting your expectations.

Rest Assured, Wealthy Affiliate Is NOT Facebook On Crack & NEVER Will Be!

In the three years I have been a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, I have seen many improvements and additions to the platform with no increase to my membership fees. Perhaps this is something for long term members to keep in mind when they want to bad mouth the platform to new members who read such comments such as Wealthy Affiliate being “Facebook on Crack”. Perhaps this is one reason why your new referrals are saying adios!

A Word Of Encouragement To New Members

I am looking forward to the upcoming changes that will be made to this already awesome learning community. I encourage new members, who have been witnessing the “trash talk” that has been happening lately, to make your decisions based on what you think and feel and not according to what a handful (out of thousands) have been claiming against Wealthy Affiliate.

Focus On YOU

As I have stated before, focus on why YOU joined Wealthy Affiliate and leave the negativity behind you. It is YOUR SUCCESS, achieve it however you see fit, not by the way others may think is best for you. Grasp the opportunities that are presented to you.

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LindaKwas Premium
The ability to get help when you need it is priceless. Having real people to communicate with and help you. I tried starting a website before, and I just had to look things up and read about them. I am a visual learner, so this helps a lot, but when you have specific burning questions and specific problems and you cannot seem to move forward until they are resolved, you welcome the help of a community.
SuzetteH Premium
I couldn't agree more Linda. One thing I would like to point out is this. When I have that burning question and get responses back, I always consider the source of the information being provided.

Meaning, I respect everyone who takes the time to reply but it is the members who have been here the longest, the members that I look up to as a mentor, that I consider with high regard.

Advice or answers from someone who has been here 2 months vs someone who has been here 2 years ( no matter what their title my be) who's advice would you choose?

For me, I have not only welcomed the help of the community, it has many times been the reason I haven't "thrown in the towel" and given up on a dream I have had for many years.
LindaKwas Premium
I choose the advice that makes the most sense in my situation. It seems that most people have areas they naturally excel in. I don't plan on giving up on my dream either!
SuzetteH Premium
Well put Linda. I too have taken the advise of newer members. I certainly was not imply that newer members don't know what they are taking about.

We all join with different levels of knowledge (me being zero when I began) and skills as you pointed out. But generally, I look to those who have had more experience within WA when it comes to questions about the platform itself. I should have made that more clear.

Looks like we are in this together my friend! I look forward to our continued fellowship.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
One of the most impressive things I have found about wealthy affiliate it's how successful Kyle's use of psychology works. We target different types of people so it would not work for me at all. I am starting my fourth year as a paying customer. Then again let me use Kyle's psychology... As a premium customer. What makes wealthy affiliate worth it for me is the ability to ask question of a large pool of people.
SuzetteH Premium
Hi Jay, Thank you for your reply. I have to admit, "Kyle's psychology" works for me or I wouldn't still be here either.

Whether we look at ourselves as premium customers or paying customers it all means the same. There is no hiding the fact from new (starter) members that you have to pay to become a premium member (customer).
Kyle Premium
And we will continue to be a learning community and a business building community. Our goal is not to be Facebook, far from it and the type of engagement here is far from that you will see on Facebook. There really is no comparison.

We are a social platform though and there are a lot of ways for folks to communicate and get help. We are going to continue to embrace and improve upon this "useful" interaction, while focusing on limiting the interactions that are not useful to people.

Lots of advancements come with every year here at WA, there are lots of training/education elements coming, lots of technology advancements, and of course there is going to be a focus on continuing to improve communication and timeliness of help moving forward.
SuzetteH Premium
This is awesome to hear Kyle. I am excited for the advancements as I am each year. I have full confidence in the abilities and knowledge of the Wealthy Affiliate Team.

I am a proud member of WA. The learning platform, business building platform, and the social platform within this pay-it-forward community has changed my life in many ways and I will continue to sing it's praises for what it is!
zidane786 Premium
I totally agree with you Suzette, I saw that comment by a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member and was quite disappointed by it.

I hardly use the blogging platform within Wealthy Affiliate and have recently started to use the live chat a bit more.

However, I don't hold it against anyone if they enjoy blogging about their thoughts and opinions within WA.

I will be honest, the training within Wealthy Affiliate is awesome, but it can be found elsewhere on the net for free.

What makes WA stand out is its hosting platform, 24/7 support, and the active community.
SuzetteH Premium
Thank you for your input Minhaj. I appreciate your thoughts.
MKearns Premium
A university too Suzette when you consider the global reach!
SuzetteH Premium
Yes my friend, you are correct. Thank you for pointing that out as well.