Wow! Thank You for The Boost!

Last Update: September 06, 2019

Within the last 24 hours my ranking moved up more than a thousand spots! Wow!

Over six months ago, I wrote a post about making your first Amazon sale. You can see it here...
(psych! It's against WA rules to link to posts. :) )

Anyway, two people in particular didn't agree with the post. The one has been here about ten months and is in the top 100. The other person has been at WA for about two weeks and completed all five levels of the training in less than 8 days...a pretty amazing feat to get your level 5 certification badge so quickly...congratulations to them!

All the back and forth with the comments made my ranking soar! LOL!

To me, a high WA ranking is nice but is not the reason I'm here. I'm working on learning as much as I can, writing content and on my site. I also help out where I can. One of my favorite things about WA is how helpful and supportive people are.

So, to all of you who left me comments on the post, thank you! This higher ranking is for you! LOL!

Have a great and productive day, WA'ers!

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Dinkar5 Premium
Hi Suza!
you are really great & I like your article. Good luck.
Debs66 Premium
Way to go Suzanne. You are such a kind and lovely lady. I love networking with you when we connect.
Have an awesome weekend :)
Debs :)
SuzaMarie Premium
Thanks Deb! So good to see you. Hope to catch up with you in LiveChat soon.
Enjoy your weekend as well!
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Suza. It's not against the rules to place an internal link to your or someone else's post. This link is fine... . It is against the rules if anyone places an external link that is self promoting. Even helpful,nothing to be gained financially, external links are ok. jim
SuzaMarie Premium
Hey Jim! Thanks!
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Suza Marie,

Of course, you can put a link to your own WA post or to somebody else and their WA post.

Here comes your post link You can put a link to a website from outside when it helps the reader of your post.

You cannot put a link to your own website and or website post as that is considered promoting yourself
You can neither put a link to a website which you promote for what ever reason.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
SuzaMarie Premium
Thanks, Taetske!
Alan Hocking Premium
You'll be an ambassador next week! :D
SuzaMarie Premium