My decision to upgrade to yearly premium.

Last Update: August 31, 2015

I've been wanting to create a "laptop lifestyle" for many years but, finally made the decision that this was the year to get it in gear and make it happen. After searching hundreds literally ... of opportunities I decided Wealthy Affiliate was the best place for me to get my business up and running. Keep in mind I am starting at pretty much ground zero and by that I mean very little experience building a web site and not a techie by any means. In hindsight, that is why I was so intrigued with Wealthy Affiliate.

Instead of a you're on your own get out there and sell business model, Wealthy Affiliate is providing me with a foundation build a long term, sustainable business and the ability for me to choose my niche. Wealthy Affiliate is training me on how to build a business around something I am passionate about which in turn makes all this work much more fun and interesting. I paid a monthly premium membership fee for 2 months before deciding to upgrade to yearly. It would have been more cost effective to upgrade to yearly immediately but, wanted to be cautious and make sure that I am spending my money wisely and what will give me the best return on my investment.

The training is incredible and ongoing. The Wealthy Affiliate community that premium members have access to is invaluable! I'm not going to lie, it is tough getting things going and it takes a lot of work as any business does. It is easy to get discouraged but, having access to others who have been there or are where you are is just enough to keep me motivated and on track. Here's to the "Laptop Lifestyle" and wishing much success to all!!!

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marctko Premium
Congrats Judy! Going yearly is a great decision. Saves quite a bit and there is no better place to learn. Wish you all the best :)
jeives77 Premium
Hi Judy, wish you well here at WA.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Judy, I really look forward to working with you in the year ahead. The laptop lifestyle can definitely become a reality with some hard work and dedication and you have definitely committed to yourself and your business.

A lot can be accomplished in a year and I am excited to see it unfold. By the way, your picture is inspiring me to go back to Venice lol!
divadejunk Premium
Congratulations. I didn't go yearly until after being with WA for a year. It was a wise decision. There is considerable savings. I do encourage you to sign-up and attend the Live Video Classes on Fridays. They are very informative and helpful. I wish you all the best.
sunnyj823 Premium
Thanks, All the best to you as well...