Pause and Give Yourself a Pat on the Back Sometimes!

Last Update: October 20, 2018

There are many things I have done on my website. Nothing extraordinary because everybody who’s got a website does that.

Outside of my website, I have also done things as any internet marketer would have done.

Setting up Google Analytics, applying for AdSense and subsequently managing to insert the AdSense code inside my website, creating ads, Auto Ads, Google and Bing Webmaster tools, creating banners, creating logos, favicons, creating menus, footer menu, creating social buttons, custom CSS, backing up website, resizing images…well, the skills are too many.

Mine’s a hectic routine. Between my family and social obligations and office job, I manage to juggle my time and work on my site mostly late in the night.

I’m doing pretty okay so far. I have learned quite a lot and I’m still learning new things every day. I would like to believe that my website’s shaping up nicely. So far so good.

But I wanted to talk about something else today. Something that is amusing in a way but still something that I have been pondering over.

It’s about the way I don’t remember how I managed to do some pretty amazing things in my journey towards the begining. Like for instance, if somebody asks me today how to set up Google Analytics, I might need to revisit the training on Google Analytics here in WA or some YouTube video on how to execute that because I have completely forgotten how to do it.

There are other things that I did on the Analytics. Like, adding another property, filtering out my own IP address from searches. But you know what? I won’t be able to do them now without fiddling on the items inside the Analytics dashboard and trying to figure out how I managed to do them the first time around.

The Google Analytics was just an example. There are many other similar things.

I’m not worried about how I don’t remember each and every step that I took. It’s not that.

On the contrary, I’m amazed at the many skills we acquire on the way.

I learned to set up Google Analytics nine months ago and between then and now, much water have flown under the bridge. I have managed to pick up many other skills since then that many of the skills I learned in the beginning are now buried under a heap.

In our journey, as time goes by, we climb up the experience ladder.

When we go back and read some of our earlier stuff, we come to the realisation that we have indeed come very far. We can feel the excitement and the gawkiness in those posts. We even sometimes cringe at some of them. But there are also many things we did then that deserves appreciation. Many wonderful posts that we created with a lot of passion.

I’m sure there’ll be times when you read an old post of yours, you will say, “Wow! Did I manage to write that?!”

Some of us are our harshest critics. And so, it’s such a wonderful feeling when you find your own writing beautiful.

And it’s more wonderful when it happens to be a post that you wrote towards the beginning of your journey.

Keep learning. Onward we go.

Happy Sunday, friends!

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kpercival55 Premium
Well said Sukumarth!
Sometimes it is good to look back at how far we have come instead of forward at how far we have yet to go.
Happy Sunday to you!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
GlenPalo Premium
It is good to pause for a moment to reflect on our experiences and accomplishments.
Rich908 Premium
Pat your self on the back - All the time not some of the time.. it motivates you and makes you want to go forward
sukumarth Premium
Yes, we should. We should learn to look beyond our frustrations :) Cheers!
AlexEvans Premium
Excellent reflections Sukumar, I think that you have just knocked on the door, and invited yourself in, and joined the party. The knowledge that we acquire on the way through is mind-boggling, even if we forget the odd thing we certainly know where to search to remember.
sukumarth Premium
Mind-boggling indeed, Alex! That is why we need to pat ourselves on the back sometimes. Let the learning continue, and I'm sure we'll find our perfect tune soon. Cheers!