I Don't Give Two Hoots

Last Update: September 23, 2014

In the process of working on my niche, which is humor, (targeted to the retired
Baby Boomer arena), I have come across more competition than I can possibly
count. Oh man, did that ever intimidate me at first! I mean we're talking the likes
of REALLY funny people who make millions from what they do - Dave Berry, Tina
Fey, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld. . . not to mention the hundreds of hilarious
blogs that have 7-figures in followers.

But I've developed a philosophy that's helped me out of my self-defeating "not as good as they are" trap. Nobody in the whole world can be ME. I have a unique set
of experiences, background, history and interactions that are exclusive to ME and in that world, there is no competition. I also have a unique style and presentation
that is exclusive to me and, again - no competition.

So you know what? I have stopped giving TWO HOOTS about competition in my niche. I am no longer "researching" what others are doing and am now focusing on my own optimistic perspective of life which I know brings laughter and joy to others. My personal goal is to develop a blog that appeals to the people I target. It simply
has nothing to do with anyone else. Anything that needs to be learned about competition can be learned right here on WA.

The biggest "needle in my balloon" is when I read other humorous blogs or articles and start comparing myself, I always come up short! When I look at their content,
their followers, their fans, their numerous comments - I get discouraged and come away doubting myself. That is a very dangerous place to be! Especially when, really - it has nothing to do with me.

I hope everybody's having a terrific week! I so love my fellow WA-ers.

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stopscamming Premium
That's the way to go girl, I like your determination.

Wish you all the best.
Sugarbird Premium
Thank you Darlin! I always appreciate your input.
SonjaHelga Premium
Good for you. You got it. Nobody is you! Great post,
Sugarbird Premium
Thanks Sonja!
dhayman Premium
The comparison game never works. Good for you that you realize that.

Sugarbird Premium
You are so right, Doug. I don't know why it took me awhile to figure it out. Thanks for responding!
cookma54 Premium
You're right ... you are a unique individual ... whom I think is hilarious. I'm your #1 FAN. M
Sugarbird Premium
Well that's funny 'cause I'm yours too! Us birds of a feather. . . COOL DUDES!!
CathyS Premium
Yep Patti - you are absolutely right!

Like you, I stopped comparing myself a long time ago. Keep that up and a person is bound to drop out! Besides, in my niche of wellness, there's nothing new under the sun. "They" all want you to think there's is the best "new" thing under the sun and "they" all want you to buy only from them (their product line, books, etc).

OK - I get it, everybody has to make a buck. But I truly want a site where people can go and get the best of the best of the best ... and as I continue to learn (cause you can never know it all), I will continue to provide a superior service.

You are doing exactly the same thing! Nothin' can stop you now!!

God Bless! ~Cathy
Sugarbird Premium
What a great response Cathy, and I totally agree with you. I bet that wellness niche IS competitive, but hey - what "thing" that is worth promoting isn't competitive? Thanks so much for your comment.