Belated Thank You, Welcome and Apologies too :0

Last Update: September 17, 2016

Hello there, WA friends! :)

I'm going to make this brief.

Having been away from WA for the most part during the past year, I have fallen behind in all the trainings, my website posts and also missed out on reading all of your marvellous blogs, save for a few.

To my new followers in WA, I had intended to read all your profiles before following you back but it seems like I will never be able catch up trying to do so one on one as I would normally do.

So I do apologise for this long overdue follow back and for not being able to individually welcome you if you are a new member here. So many changes have taken place within WA itself that I feel almost like a new member myself trying to find my way around again!

Happy that I still see many familiar faces but also many new faces as Ambassadors.

I'd like to say that I truly appreciate the interaction and support of the WA Community which is one of the reasons I enjoy being here, so I hope to be seeing you around and speaking with you again.

Best wishes for your training and success!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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MPollock Premium
Glad you came back, have a great day.
JudeP Premium
Welcome back Sue, it's good to see you :)
suetay Premium
Thank you very much, Jude! :)
onmyownterms Premium
Welcome back!
suetay Premium
Thank you, Mel.
I'm pleased to meet you here.