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Hello my WA Family,It's Christmas time, a very special time of the year for many.A time when fairy lights and beautiful decor bring on a festive mood to the atmosphere.Christmas 2020 is probably unike other past Christmases.However, whichever part of the world you may be from, the true meaning of celebrating Christmas and the Spirit of the season hasn't changed.A Time Of ReflectionAs this year draws to a close, may it be a time when we take a pause to reflect and be thankful for all the blessin
December 02, 2020
Hi WA Friends, today I celebrate 2 small achievements.Google AdsenseI managed to insert some Google Adsense ads into my website.I have 2 in the side-bar, 1 in a post that has affiliate links and another in a post that has no affiliate links.Getting approved so quickly by Google Adsense was in itself a surprise as my first 2 websites were not approved by Google Adsense when I applied a few years ago.Now Rank #184The second surprise I got today was when I saw my rank in WA rising so quickly and r
November 16, 2020
Hi WA Friends,I got a surpirse when I checked my Amazon Associates account today and found that I had earned a small commission from an Amazon sale.I haven't even written a post for the product yet. All I did was to email a link to the person who enquired if I sold such a product. I actually forgot about it after that, and am glad he used my link to place the order.It's not a lot but still I am thankful and happy for it. I had forgotten that the reason I never applied to be an Amazon affiliate
November 01, 2020
Hi everyone,It's been awhile since I last blogged on the WA platform, or should I say it's been a few years.I hope everyone has been well and keeping safe.My WA Rank is...Today is a good day to write this post since I am at Lesson 10 of the Level 2 training, and when Kyle asked us to check our WA ranking, I saw that my rank sits at 1000.After having been away from WA for a very long time, my rank rose by leaps and bounds from # 20 to the thousands level.However, I have been a WA member for long
August 16, 2017
Starting Over At WA Good day to you, my friends at Wealthy Affiliate! :)I just decided to write a blog here today and realized that it's been nearly 2 years since I "left" WA. Yes, life does get busy and so many things (or people even) can distract us and get in the way of us trying to achieve our dreams and our goals. So much had taken place the last 2 years of my life and yes, life is still busy if not busier. I did make a few attempts to come back to BUT... Right! NO MORE EXCUSES!!! W
December 23, 2016
Dear WA friends,Wishing You A Blessed ChristmasDuring this Christmas season, may you be blessed with the spirit of the season, which is PeaceThe gladness of the season, which is HopeAnd the heart of the season, which is Love.The blessings of Peace, the beauty of Hopethe spirit of Love, the comfort of FaithMay these be your gifts this Christmas season.Wishing you and your loved ones happy holidays and a very joyous New Year!
November 11, 2016
Hello my WA Friends,Today I decided to write a blog post... I haven't done one here for quite awhile... but in a different way.Unlike my other blog posts, this one is being written as I think, to pour out my thoughts and feelings as they come.First of all, I just wanted to say that having been away from WA for over a year and finally coming back again hasn't been an easy thing. Some of the people whom I used to interact with are no longer here. I actually notice and feel their absence on my
Hello there, WA friends! :)I'm going to make this brief.Having been away from WA for the most part during the past year, I have fallen behind in all the trainings, my website posts and also missed out on reading all of your marvellous blogs, save for a few.To my new followers in WA, I had intended to read all your profiles before following you back but it seems like I will never be able catch up trying to do so one on one as I would normally do.So I do apologise for this long overdue follow ba
April 12, 2016
Hello my WA friends! :)It’s My First AnniversaryOn this day, one year ago, I joined Wealthy Affiliate and was warmly embraced by the WA community and inducted into the world of affiliate marketing.It has truly been a great experience and one of the highlights in my life.Thank you Kyle and Carson, Site Support, WA Ambassadors (past and present), the friendly and helpful WA community for all your amazing support.Although it's with a tinge of disappointment that I was only able to spend abo
March 27, 2016
Hello to all my friends at WA! :)Today is Easter Sunday, not just another Sunday but a very special day of celebration for Christians all around the world.I have not been present at WA for too many months now... but I have never forgotten about WA and the many friends I had made here. Although I have recently started doing some work building websites again, I have forgotten some of the many things I had learned and it has been a bit of a challenge shifting gears and getting the hang of it aga