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Last Update: July 20, 2016

I still haven't been very active on WA or have even looked at my website let alone do any work on it for the last 6 weeks. Motivation is still lacking. I do check my emails and read posts to try and keep up a bit, although I never seem to catch up.

While reading posts, I sometimes follow people, I hit the like on most posts I read and I also bookmark some posts and training to go back to when I start up again, as I still have so much to learn.

When I logged on today, I nearly missed it. I new it was close, but was surprised to see I have 1000 followers. Thank you.

I still love this community, I love reading everyone's posts. I love how everyone is so supportive.

I do intend to start up again with the training ( I was almost finished doing the certificate courses before I lost my mum) and work on my website. Hopefully soon.

Thank you again.

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GlenPalo Premium
My condolences to you, Gail. See you again soon!
ChrisScott Premium
I hate to hear about your mom. I am glad to see you motivated yourself to write this post. Now....GO WRITE A POST AND MAKE A MILLION Dollars!!! Enjoyed the read.
With-Kev Premium
WOW is right Gail. You have been active. Sorry to hear about your Mum. Hope you get back to it soon. Cheers kev
BelindaLeong Premium
Hi Gail, sorry to hear about your mum. My condolences to you and your family. Be strong and you will get around. Yes, indeed the community is darn lovable, helpful...etc that I can deny myself. Yes, not forgetting congrats to hitting 1000 followers
storm57 Premium
Thank you
JudeP Premium
Well done and it's nice to see you again :)