What Can We Learn From A Rocket That Fizzles?

Last Update: March 25, 2015

My friend Success used to feel passionately about starting a business, but somewhere between grading tests and completing report cards she lost her enthusiasm.

For as long as she could remember Success, had secretly nurtured a dream to own her own business. But like many women in her age group, she had chosen a safer, more socially acceptable, occupation. She was a teacher. Now that she was close to retirement, she was beginning to realize that it might soon be possible to fulfill that hidden dream and start a new career. This time she would do something that would allow her to utilize many of her gifts and talents. She would own a business. With this rediscovered dream came strong feelings of desire and hope-powerful emotions one can call 'rockets of desire.'

Like my friend Success, many of us are afraid that if we don't maintain that emotional high we won't get our heart's desire. What we fail to realize is that the initial 'rocket of desire' is only a rocket. It takes off fast and rises quickly with a flaming burst of delight. Then it descends back to earth leaving us with the memory of its brief journey and fueling our desire to ascend again.

It is this memory that motivates and sustains us to find a way to actualize the 'rocket of desire.' Once we have tasted the thrill of owning a business, a new automobile, a new home or vacation, once we have felt the rush of excitement and delight in our imagination, then we begin to move toward that desire.

Have you realize the catch here? That it is the secret of getting your heart's desire to keep your attention on what you want-on that idea or goal which caused the 'rocket of desire.'

What happens to many of us is that after the rocket has returned to earth, we begin to observe reality; the way things are now. We focus on reasons why we don't have and probably can't have that desired outcome and effectively put the brakes on our 'rocket of desire'.

But believe me not, unless we can look beyond what is present today and picture ourselves as we want to be, we may never attain the level of belief necessary to receive the 'rocket of desire' as our new reality.

I encouraged my friend Success to attend some coaching session focused on her lack of passion as she was so worried about her waning emotions that she was not paying attention to what had shown up for her that week--a potential business partner.

Why did I encourage her to attend? Because I new that once Success saw even just a little graph and understand where she was in the process of attaining her dream she will be able to recognize the significance of meeting her potential business partner and to continue the work necessary to realize her dream.

Just like my friend Success, we can get the most from our 'rocket of desire' by recognizing it for what it is--the exhilarating emotion necessary for creating a memory that sustains our hope until the 'rocket of desire' becomes our reality.

No matter how hard it might be to hold on, perhaps just like me at the moment, remember that you are not alone. Many successful persons have also traveled the same road, some have fallen down but refused to give up so they picked themselves up again. When they look ahead they realized that most people who were behind them they are now inforn of them.

Did they gave up no. Remember that success is a choice so is failure, which one do you want to choose? Ponder about it.

Love ya!

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sofieanderin Premium
Thank you for this. Your words have significance for me in the place that I find myself.
stopscamming Premium
I am glad I was able to help in this way.
JewelCarol Premium
Yes, success is a choice!! Thanks sis!! :)
stopscamming Premium
The pleasure is ours that we were able to choose it.
Maxiam59 Premium
yes I choose to succeed and help others to do the same all the best
stopscamming Premium
Wonderful, let us keep our eyes to the price and vow never to give up no matter how difficult the struggle might be.

Enjoy your day.
Defiant6 Premium
Very nice!
stopscamming Premium
You are most welcome my dearest.