Success is a journey, not a goal!

Last Update: August 22, 2017

Hello, everyone, just wanted to drop you a quick post on my success here at Wealthy Affiliate! I started in mid-July, and have truly been working, thinking, eating, and dreaming about this business with every spare moment I get. I am now knocking on the door to completing the Second Course of Certification.

I've started two websites with domains, one to help my fellow Baby Boomers, and one for my life's true passion, fossils, (no not the watches, the rocks). I have introduced a new affiliate to the ranks, albeit a personal friend! And I've actually made a few bucks here! All this before my first month anniversary.

I've discovered most of my independent research in the business ended up being one of Kyle's lessons, so moving forward, I'm going to keep studying the Certification classes as well as the Affiliate Bootcamp. I do recommend to new affiliates to NOT tackle both at once, as I have, I'm a glutton for punishment, apparently. The lessons are fairly similar anyway! The Certification is geared more toward making your own website whereas the Affiliate Bootcamp focuses on creating a website to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyway, my three month personal goal is to complete the Certification. My Affiliate goals are to introduce 25 baby boomers to the Wealthy Affiliate program, write two posts per week for the Boomer site and bring the Fossil site up to the same level as the Boomer site.

I could not have gotten this far, this quick, without Kyle's lessons, and my newfound friends and mentors (you know who you are) here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Success is the journey, take it one day at a time,

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Carol46 Premium
Yes, staying focused on the journey and enjoying the process. Thanks, Steve
RHBarlow Premium
Steve, seems like you are really progressing. Keep up the great work!
DebbieRose Premium
Great to see your enthusiasm is paying off. Congratulations. Debbie
MKearns Premium
Putting passion into the journey will reach the goal quicker!
Song1 Premium
Hi Steve, positive words for all the new ones on WA, me included. Thanks and have an awesome day!