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January 24, 2019
Here in the US, we had a day off Monday to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.s life. We've also had a bit of bad weather in our part of the US. Tuesday we had enough snow to close the local school district, the one Carol teaches at, so there was day-off number two. THEN, as life likes to throw it's own curve balls at you, we had a minor family emergency at about 1AM Wednesday morning, which left the family support team, aka., Carol and I, with little sleep and lots of duties to take care of.
Welcome to the New Year! Thought I'd get a little inside information from everyone! I definitely have at least a few of my websites posted on the lower right corner of my profile. You are more than welcome to go take a look at my profile. And also, even though I am not one of the heavy hitters, you can certainly take a look at those websites. I was wondering how the rest of the community thought of that feature of WA. Why do you or do you not publish your websites? Are you worried that
December 26, 2018
And that is what this community is all about! Helping people, helping yourself. The more you get involved in the community, the more you learn. The more you learn, the better you feel! Wait, there's a rhyme in there somewhere! Let's just leave it at that.I never really set the Top 200 as a goal, just been active in the community more lately than earlier in my experience with WA. Wanting to learn more about this business and I am very grateful for the people who have made, and will make, t
And man has that time flown, where the heck did all that time go? Anyway, I wanted to give an update on how to be really successful here at Wealthy Affiliate! Except.... I'm not. I'm one of those people who have to do it the wrong way first. And I'm not through the wrong-way phase of my progress yet. Oh, sure I've made my first dollar, I've had a couple people sign up, do nothing for a couple of months, and then drop out. I've learned enough to have created a few awesome websites for oth
November 29, 2017
Okay, so I've been here at Wealthy Affiliate since July of 2017. And to say the least I'm enjoying the heck out of it. I can't thank our creators (not the big guy in the sky) enough for this opportunity. The community is great! And I have had some success, I have my website up and running, 7 pages, over 26 posts, 63 comments. I've written over 20,000 words in the content editor. It's ranked number one on at least one Google search, and approaching the front page on several others. And wi
Hey everyone! Just found out on one of my favorite keyword phrases (baby boomer extra income) that searching on Google reveals out of the 5 images that come up, all of them are my website, and the top two website line items are MY WEBSITE! This, of course, changes daily, but this is a good example of keeping up with the posting, doing a good 1000 to 1500 words per post, making sure your post is about your keyword, and write like you know who you're talking to and what your subject is. HOOT H
Just finished Course Number Three of the Certifications! At Wealthy Affiliate and in life, being proactive and persistent will get you through anything. Take the initiative to go for it and then keep at it until you get it done! Sometimes you hit a speed bump, and sometimes it's a clear road ahead, but either way, keep on keepin' on. It's not how big the speed bump is, it's how you handle it! Really BIG speed bumps are just an opportunity to catch some air!!! Best of success to my fellow
September 24, 2017
One of the basic college classes most of us are required to take, at least in the US, is Speech 101. This class teaches us the ins and outs of public speaking. We can learn quite a bit about our affiliate marketing craft from this class, even though we are authors instead of speakers and our audience are readers instead of listeners. With that concept in mind, there are three types of speeches which may help us to communicate with our reader, and be more successful at what we do. In the particu
So I just searched for one of my favorite keyword phrases on Google, and alas, of the five images they stuck up there below a few websites were THREE OF MY website images! Not to be one to jump up and down too early, I kept looking and at the TOP of the second page, the second WEBSITE was... you guessed it! MINE! And of course it's the Wealthy Affiliate review! So THANK YOU all who have given me a little advice here and there! I'm at the 2 month mark and this has already been one heck of a
Hello, everyone, just wanted to drop you a quick post on my success here at Wealthy Affiliate! I started in mid-July, and have truly been working, thinking, eating, and dreaming about this business with every spare moment I get. I am now knocking on the door to completing the Second Course of Certification. I've started two websites with domains, one to help my fellow Baby Boomers, and one for my life's true passion, fossils, (no not the watches, the rocks). I have introduced a new affiliate