Here's Cheers to all the AWESOME WA Peeps!

Last Update: Oct 20, 2015


For's like, I've been here all of what, 5 minutes??

Feels like five minutes in some ways and like a life time in others...

Man! that's sounding close to love! scary thought...right??

I think I love you! don't screw this up now by returning my declaration of love with a thank need to say you love me back! haha

BTW does my bum look big in these pants?? hahaha kidding

What I really really want to say is a HUGE THANK YOU to all the AWESOME WA PEEPS!

This experience at WA has been LIFE CHANGING!

I'm not overstating days and my weeks have been filled with something altogether new since the day I joined here....and it's WONDERFUL!!

Just saying! ^__-

Recent Comments


One thing immediately noticeable about you Stevie, is your enthusiasm. Go, go go....

hahaha yeah...that sounds like me lol ◑‿◐

Cheers Stevie :)

cheers to you also Krazykat ◑‿◐

WA is very life changing. In fact, what was life before WA? The love, warmth and true community spirit is infectious...

I can't remember what life was like BWA (before WA hehe) ◑‿◐

I have for sure been in a lot of worse places!

as have I ◑‿◐

Feeling is mutual.. as a newbie with WA,,,wonderful. WA is a helping community and caring for the members.

very happy to hear that you're feeling the WA love Coney ◑‿◐

WA just makes you feel like you can do anything all the best

I agree sir ◑‿◐ thank you! ◑‿◐

WA really does encourage a renewed hope and belief in humanity. We get along, we help, we encourage, we praise. It's a great blueprint for the rest of the world. Thanks for illuminating that. I love you too.

well said ◑‿◐ and thanks for the love hehe ◑‿◐

Aww thats so nice of you to say Stevie! I love you too (in a, you know, non wanna be with you kinda way) and you are absolutely right, the people at WA are very cool and awesome! :) ♥

feel the warmth in this room...ain't it great! ◑‿◐

I know you're only saying this because you met me........................but.

hahah don't go breaking my heart mr hahahaha ◑‿◐

Right back at you Stevie. This is a great community. I never seen anything like it. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. You can go at your own pace, and once you complete all the training lessons, you can study them again until they become second natured. Best of luck and great success!

well said Sir...well said ◑‿◐

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