Day 79 90-Day Plan

Last Update: April 25, 2018

Hello! It has been six days since I wrote in this blog. I have been trying to work and add more to my website and I have almost completed the eBook.

Did I lose my focus? No. Our daughter was home from college (Grad program) from Friday afternoon through Monday around noon. I spent all my time with her and we did a few fun things even though she is happy just to catch up on sleep.

WA can wait. It's important to keep our priorities in the right place and family comes first. And when she left to drive back on Monday I wasn't in the frame of mind to really work. It's hard to see her leave and we always miss her.

I have been keeping up with the email and interacting with the community. But back to the work progress.

The majority of the eBook is complete. A few people have given me some good feedback and there are a few things to add. Nothing major just trying to add some conversational tone to it. Next up, figuring out how to get it on Amazon and Kindle.

Two more posts were indexed on Google. However, an app that analyzes sites and posts for SEO have shown a number of areas to improve. First, there are changes to the posts. I have completed 5 today. And, I have started, toe in the water, on social media. I also need to go full throttle on getting comments on my posts but I'd like to finish optimizing them all first.

We are all working so hard here. I see the progress everyone is making. I want the success just as much as everyone else. As we all know success breeds (oh, there's that word that's been in the media this week) success. I really need some success to fuel my efforts but I'm kicking it up a notch this week.

Sorry no pictures in this post. Just my words and thoughts as I try to get my bearings, dig in and move forward.

That's for you Stefan!

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1signbanner Premium
You got your priorities in the right place my brother!

Family is always first!

Great post Steve!

Steven-A Premium
Thank you, Frank.
sharon22 Premium
You are correct in prioritizing, Steven. Yes, family comes first.
Keep going and take care!
Steven-A Premium
MarkBa Premium
Yes nobody is more important than family. You're doing just fine! :)

~Mark :)
dbriley Premium
Family time is important, I am sure your daughter enjoyed her time with you. Keep up the good work and you will achieve your goals.
Steven-A Premium
Thank you very much.
heatherplude Premium
It's important to take time with family too - that's what we work FOR. So, I am glad you got some time with your daughter. There is time for work and time for enjoying life and we have to make time for both. May the force be with you. :) To your massive success.
Steven-A Premium
I agree. Thanks, Heather.