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Why Is Relevance and Resonance Important?

The idea of being blogging with relevance and resonance is important if you want to:

  1. reach people,
  2. have them actively read your writing, and
  3. respond positively to your call to action.

Writing with relevance and resonance is a more involved that just finding a good long tail keyword for your blog. This post is going to show how you can write relevant posts that will resonate with your audience extending your reach and increasing sales.

Writing Relevant Content

There are two things that will help you write relevant content. The first is knowing your audience well. Within your niche, whatever it is, you must know and understand your audience if you are going to write content to influence the reader's opinions.

It can be difficult to identify what readers will like and just as important to identify what your audience will not like. Yes, know what will turn your readers off so you can avoid it.

You can find some information on your audience's likes and dislikes with good old-fashioned research.

  1. Look at online periodicals addressing your niche audience and look at the stories they are writing.
  2. Search Google to identify the most recent postings (last 6 months to a year) and list the topics of the most recent posts. Something that was hot last year or even two months ago may not be hot today.
  3. Set up Google alerts for your niche to keep you informed of what is happening on a daily basis.
  4. Look at the search request numbers of the keywords you are considering. A keyword with average monthly searches of 50 is not as relevant as a keyword with average monthly searches of 500.
  5. Look at the comments people leave on your posts. This will tell you what is on their mind and may give you ideas for additional posts to address these questions.
  6. Ask your site visitors what topics interest them and which they would like to know more about.

Creating Blogs that Resonate with Your Audience

While creating relevant content is about influencing readers' opinions, creating resonant posts is about breaking through with your communications. To breakthrough, your message has to be important to the reader or speak to the reader in a new way.

We all see examples of posts and images that resonate with readers. They are the ones that go "viral" and get the attention of thousands and often millions of readers in a short time. Someone asked recently if this was luck or a skill. It can be both.

Someone who creates a blog that goes viral once may be just lucky. To have viral posts time after time requires skill and most importantly understanding of the audience. Resonance is not based on random selection like the lottery. If that is the fact, then it means there are ways to improve your skill at producing resonant writing.

A Google search result for writing that goes viral returned 8,720,000 results. A lot of people have much to say on this topic. But the more I read the more I find out that they don't really know or understand what connects so deeply in our human consciousness that we repeatedly share or repost one other person's thoughts or feelings over any other person's thought's pr feelings.

Here are 6 things you can do to improve your ability at writing viral posts.

  1. Tell a story. Better yet tell your story. Everyone likes a good story.
  2. Write about the things you care about. If you care about the topic are others will also care.
  3. Use an analogy the reader will understand. Drawing parallels deepens understanding.
  4. Write simply. Make it easy for your readers to understand what you are saying.
  5. Create a title people can't resist. This is an area where I am working to improve my skills.
  6. Include compelling graphics. One of the most important types of graphics to include are info graphics.

Extending Reach

Delivering good impressions to the right audience will extend your reach as your readers' seed your post for you. One of the unique features of the social media world is the repost and share.

If your message resonates, your readers will help you deliver your impressions to the right audience. It is really exciting to find that something you have written was re-posted or shared and it has had an impact on an audience beyond your intention and expectations.

Creating titles people can't resist, knowing your audience, and telling a good personal story will help you improve your writing skills and consistently create relevant and resonant posts that will translate to increased sales and business earnings.

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Well said Steven. It's all about the connection we establish with our readers.

~Mark :)

Thank you, Mark.

Good insight. It is easy to forget that we are serving an audience and should be communicating with their needs through relevant content. Resonance is key. Thanks for sharing


audience involvement/engagement is the key

Hi Steven

A very interesting blog as it can be easy to forget your audience when you are trying to include all the information you have found when doing your research.

Thank you for this.

Best Wishes

Thanks Steve, your post resonates with me. Great stuff!


Thanks, Frank much appreciated

Hi Steve...very good information. I think we all struggle with writing good content and you gave some great suggestions.

thank you very much

Great post, Steve. The 'relevance' image really brings home the message.

Thanks, Marion. I will add a bit to it, do some additional editing and add it to the website.

Great post. Thanks for sharing

thank you

Great post deserves reading twice at least

Thank you very much

Good post thanks Steven, Best Alan

Thank you.

Great points, Steve. I'm constantly working on them but only the site stats will show whether my assumptions were right.

It certainly will take some experimentation

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