Dont Let Anyone Turn Your Sky Into a Ceiling!

Last Update: Jun 8, 2016


So yesterday I was leaving, today, i`m not. I am not going to let pathetic, pithy people, who answer in sarcastic riddles, rain on my parade.

Self doubt is destructive. Period.

Always have the power of your convictions, and don`t be swayed by Luddites, I am sure that years ago, there were many convincing arguments as to why the world was actually flat, that it was impossible to fly, heck, some people thought electricity was magic!

People who have the power of their conviction behind them, will always win out over the doubters, the people who say you`re flogging a dead horse!

These people are bad for you, stay away from them! They will drain you!

The world is full of people who will envy you, and your achievements, and will do their very best to chip away at the foundation of your own beliefs. Ignore them.

You might think that you have nothing, have done nothing, and all you want is to build a business so you and yours can have a better lifestyle, to have more, but to people who have nothing, you are rich!

Do not question your niche, if it exists, and people know of it, but not about it, you can build a business around it.

Do not question yourself, you have done alright so far, right?

Be assured, you are definitely in the right place to learn how to do it, and you will achieve it!

This community of predominantly kind, well intentioned people, have played a part in my decision to continue, i suppose there will always be people who envy others success, I am pleased to say i`m not one of them!

Onwards and upwards! never let anyone tell you the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon!

Thankyou my friends, who helped me to see the woods, again, instead of just the trees!

I will not let anyone`s pithy comments distract me from my goals again! My sites DO make money, enough so i don`t have to do the 9-5 jive! (gotta stop watching "billionaires") lol!

Remember, "it doesn`t matter if you think you can or you think you can`t, either way your`e right" That was a quote from Henry Ford, and the only colour he had was black!

Believe in what you are doing, you are right to do so! Success is a journey, not a destination, i just stubbed my toe on a rock! thats all.

Till the next time I feel like having a rant!

Recent Comments


Good to see you staying here and I wish you all the best for the future! Don't let negative, jealous people bring you down!
Cheers, Lisa

Happy you are staying!

Steve, I'm glad you're staying. We're all free to leave at any time if we so wish, but what concerned me when I read your other post just now was your hurt and despondency. I needn't say anything further because you have had an uplift of spirit. Stand by your dreams. Illegitimi non carborundum. - Margaret

Wonderful that you are staying Steve,

Don't let anyone steer you away from this great community.

You would have been sorely missed by many and I for one am glad that you are staying to contribute to your dreams as well as help others here on WA.

Henry Ford was a very wise man and was 100% correct.

Talk with you soon my Friend,


Steve, you did exactly the right thing to admit that there is revenue coming in.....

Best thing you could do, now I know there isn't a single person at WA who has stuck to it for this duration, who isn't making any money.....

I am greatly helped and motivated , knowing that.

Thank you for this very good deed.


So pleased to hear this Steve and you are completely correct when you say that you should not listen to others - there's a lot of jealousy in this unfortunately and people who do a traditional 9-5 day cannot see what we can see :)

I'm very glad to hear you're not leaving after all :)

Good to hear you're staying after all - there are many up and downs on this journey - now get back to work. :)

Aw Steve, that's a real rant. I don't like to think that someone made you sad:(
You are my friend - what more could a girl want:)
Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine. It will make you feel better.
Give my love to Chester
Take care

Bravo, good choice ive had riddlers in chat also left me frustrated and confused

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