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So yesterday I was leaving, today, i`m not. I am not going to let pathetic, pithy people, who answer in sarcastic riddles, rain on my parade. Self doubt is destructive. Period. Always have the power of your convictions, and don`t be swayed by Luddites, I am sure that years ago, there were many convincing arguments as to why the world was actually flat, that it was impossible to fly, heck, some people thought electricity was magic!People who have the power of their conviction behind them, will
September 17, 2014
Hello, Boy that was tough!! As some of you may know I have been out of work for a while, I was signed off sick because of my blood clots in my leg! (no, i'm not a jetsetter! ). The welfare state here will not give me any money, because my wife works more than 20 hours per week blah blah! So, I found this program, bit pricey, but worth it!! I ran out of money, and with a 6 month wait to find out if I qualify for disability, there was no chance of replacing it. My wife has it all to do, so fun