Motivational Bing A Tonic For The Google Wilderness !

Last Update: Oct 10, 2021

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Motivation Motivation Motivation !!!!!

For most of us whose websites are new waiting for Google to start liking our websites. Traffic can be a problem. Checking Google Console everyday only to find that nothing has happened. Apart from an odd click here and there can be very discouraging.

If like me you do not have a budget to advertise your new site to gain the traffic to make a living. It's organic clicks you need. But Google is taking it's time while it considers if you are wothy of it's consideration.

So how do you keep motivated apart from your own self motivation and the WA family's support?

Motivational Bing

This is were I find that the Bing search engine a tonic that can help with motivation. Hey, make no mistake you are not going to get an amazing amount of traffic from it. Because on avarage it only produces about 5% of the traffic Google does.

But when in the Google wilderness any traffic can make you feel good !!!

Here are my traffic results with Bing over the last 30 days

Yes it is only 128 click but it is better than the 41 clicks I recieved from Google.

I have over 100 page one search results with Bing. Many of them snippets like the one in the cover image. You will notice I am only topped by an advert and I only published this post yesterday.

So if like me you are in the Google wilderness and you want to make yourself feel good. But more importantly get a flavour of what might be eventually possible with Google.

Submit to Bing and make yourself feel good. A few page one in search results with a snippet might do you a power of good. And keep those motivational levels high.

Never give up and keep publishing



Recent Comments


Thanks for the info.


Thanks Ronnie. It kind of fits in with your last post on the benefits of positive thinking


Well done, Steve! A very intriguing post, my friend!


Ye Jeff.

it's all about finding ways to stay motivated while you build out your site. Bing can be a great way


Thanks, Steve! It sure sounds like it!


Well done on your progress Steve. Yes, it does take time and you're so right about Bing and Yahoo. It's made me feel better many times when I've checked my stats

Yes Kathy It does make you realise that you are not wasting your time and success is just around the corner.

Google is just mean it likes to use the rod !!! ha ha

Well done Stephen. All we do is build everyday. Consistency is the key. Bing and yahoo are easier to start with. I am going through the same as you. Must look at duck duck go. Keep in touch.

Yes Stephen
Seems we are on the same path and journey and I believe we will eventually arrive in Shangri -La and sup with James Hilton ha ha

Haha, As long as is not Paris Hilton. Lol.

No that would be a drag ha ha

This is really great, Steve.

Continue to make this progress.


Thanks Myra
Have a great day

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