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Hi, all. Thank you for any advice you can give me in advance. I started my site all about portable solar panels in April 2021 when I was out of work. I managed to produce 88 pages and blog articles in the time. As you can see from my Google analytic pic, I am starting to get some traffic. Unfortunately, I had to go back to work in January 2022. The job I have has had a steep learning curve, and I now find myself working Monday to Friday all day and in the evenings. I have also been working at
Motivation Motivation Motivation !!!!!For most of us whose websites are new waiting for Google to start liking our websites. Traffic can be a problem. Checking Google Console everyday only to find that nothing has happened. Apart from an odd click here and there can be very discouraging. If like me you do not have a budget to advertise your new site to gain the traffic to make a living. It's organic clicks you need. But Google is taking it's time while it considers if you are wothy of it's cons
Some of you may know that a couple of weeks ago my site developed a critical error. I was unable to save my old posts when editing with the block editor.I put the question out to the WA community and recieved lots of answers but unfortunately nothing worked. So I had to go to SiteSupport and Kyle to try to get it sorted.SiteSupport and Kyle fixed the error but I still couldn't save my posts with block editor. So now there is a bit of head scratching going on. To continue editing old posts I ha
June 25, 2021
My First Major MilestoneI didn't think yesterday would amount too much with regard to my blogging activity because was going to meet one of my daughters. Who I hadn't seen for 18 months because of covid here in the UK. She gave me some bad news so I was pretty down in the mouth yesterday evening and didn't sleep very well last night.So wasn't I surprised when I got up and sat down at my laptop. To finish my latest blog I had started on Wednesday. I did the usual routine of checking my personal
I am 59 Years old. Live in the UK. I was CEO of a couple of companies based around B2B telephone marketing. All Failed due to Co-Vid 19 forcing me to have to sell my house and car (I miss my Jag). So I started to look around the internet to re-start a company online from scratch with limited capital. I came across a video featuring an ex - teacher called Mike Beatty talking about the benefits of joining WA, it was free to start. He came across so sincerely that I thought finally, something I ca