Now at Course 5!

Last Update: August 21, 2014

I cant believe I am actually now at course 5!

I only have time in evenings from about between 9 - 10 until around 12 to do this including practising my reiki and meditation. (If I don't fall asleep inbetween. hiehie)

I have learned alot so far (I am sure everyone here does too. :-) )

I learned about how to use wordpress properly where I normally used other website builders or dreamweaver. How to rank you site better, I didn't know about the low fruit hanging keywords. Encouraged me to use the social sites more regularly.

Practising on my writing in english, as my first langauge is Afrikaans.

I mostly enjoy reading others' blogs. It can be so interesting and informative. Love the encouragement and be encouraging for others, appreciate the opinions and advise from others.

I still have a lot of ideas I would like to add to both of my sites. I really need to write them down, because when one get so busy you forget your ideas! GRRR

Got to get back to work again.

Talk to you again!


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hildacbg Premium
SSimpson Premium
Nice work!!
BIS Premium
You've done really well Stephanie to have got through so much already especially on the limited time you have. Well done. :) Beverley
CarlaIves Premium
I think your English is great, Stephanie! Much better than mine would be in another language. We're about at the same place. Tonight I will start Lesson 2 in Course 5. Exciting, eh? Good Luck!
StephanieB Premium
Thank you! Yes it is! Good luck to you too.
RobertFeld Premium
I'm on course 5 too. I'm starting tomorrow.
StephanieB Premium
That's great! Enjoy.