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August 27, 2014
Hi Everyone! I came across a very interesting tool to use for helping to get your readers reading your pages/post. It's called Emotional Marketing Value (EMV). The Advanced Marketing Institute's Headline Analyzer calculates the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) of a headline. Meaning This handy little tool promises to tell you how “emotional” your headline is by counting the number of emotional words that are used in the phrase. The headline analyzer is easy to use and FREE. S
August 21, 2014
I cant believe I am actually now at course 5! I only have time in evenings from about between 9 - 10 until around 12 to do this including practising my reiki and meditation. (If I don't fall asleep inbetween. hiehie) I have learned alot so far (I am sure everyone here does too. :-) ) I learned about how to use wordpress properly where I normally used other website builders or dreamweaver. How to rank you site better, I didn't know about the low fruit hanging keywords. Encouraged me to use the
August 12, 2014
Hi to all my followers, I would just like to say thank you for following me, encouragements, comments and reviews. I appreciate it alot. I also want to apologise for those whom I have not personally yet say hello and thanks. I will follow up on each one of you as soon as I have done my courses and have my websites up and running. I am proud of you all and wishing you the best. Let your little light shine! Stephanie
Hi Everyone! I hope you are enjoying this as much as I do? All the little things I have know about, Its really interesting. I am now at Course 4, lesson 7. I did not know about the authorship and the adding link to contributor. All those little things that can help you getting your site ranking better. Thank you Caron and Kyle and everyone who linked, posted and add comments so far. I appreciate it! For those who would like to have a look at my website here it is: Enjoy
Hi all Still going well and enjoying it! I am now in course 2 lesson 6. I have redone my website over and over. And think I am happy now with the theme. And the more I am thinking about what to write about, the more ideas grow. Afrikaans is actually my first langauge, so I might not always write it in the correct way it should be in english, so I will post my website for you to please have a look and see if my grammar and sentences are correct. My website Well, got to get back to work or should
July 22, 2014
This is a poem I really need to share. Beautifully written. Writer is unknown. Sharing When we share laughter, there's twice the fun; When we share success, we surpass what we've done. When we share problems, there's half the pain; When we share tears, a rainbow follows rain. When we share dreams, they become more real; When we share secrets, it's our hearts we reveal. If we share a smile, that's when our love shows; If we share a hug, that's when our love grows. If we share with someone on who
July 20, 2014
I am quite excited about this business, courses and support! I love website design, but still need to learn. While designing I can persue the other interests I have into this as well. Of course I will also promote Wealthy Affiliate as soon as my training is finish or maybe even while I am doing it. :) Happy Blogging!