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Last Update: August 21, 2015

I've come to realize that I've been flying by the seat of my pants. That was necessary, because if I had waited until I thought I knew what I was doing, I likely would not have any website yet. I'm talking about web hosting, domain purchasing and all that initial stuff that's prelude to having a website. I've just recently been notified by Hostgator that they have put through another charge on my credit card of $230ish . I suppose it's an annual renewal of a domain I have. The thing is, I don't know what services I bought or what they do for me, or whether they're redundant. Nor do I think I'd understand even if it was explained to me. I know I also do business with GoDaddy and I'm ashamed to admit I don't know what I get from them either. It's going to be a project just to get to the bottom of it all.

I know how it happened. Prior to finding Wealthy Affiliate, I was on a path of searching for guidance for "how to earn income on the internet".

At the same time, there was a line up of emails and websites trying to sell me a piece of the puzzle. Eager to learn I purchased many individual pieces of the puzzle. Things like autoresponder and other add-ons I went ahead and signed up and paid for not having any idea if I needed them or how to use them. I purchased a couple of different memberships similar to WA but not nearly as effective. I gave each one the "college try" and acted on all the advice and purchased everything recommended. When I ended my relationships with these online marketing course deliverers I was left with the purchases and commitments I had made to software and services that I had been convinced were essential to my website.

Indeed I have been ransomed.

It may seem like a small thing but I am grateful that I have arrived at a place where I can see this issue at all, after all it's been years that this has been going on. I will investigate, ask questions, get some answers and make intelligent, informed decisions about what I'm buying. It's time. If I need some help I'll ask for it here. I trust the community here and WA has a feeling of permanence and soundness. I never feel like I'm being left out on a limb.

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johnmcge972 Premium
Stephanie, when I fell for the 2005 scam with a company called StoresOnline, it was at a seminar and naive me thought if it was a seminar, it must be legitimate. After all they were going to show me how to make money online. I only wanted to make a living, not make millions, have a luxurious life style. It was all really nice and professional looking, but then after the break, came the hard sell, where they were trying to push so many things on me. I didn't have the money to buy all this stuff and in the end, they got me off by myself and pushed me into buying so called store fronts, where I would sell a certain product. It was the fall of the year, when I am most depressed, plus my computer wasn't strong enough and I only had dial-up internet, which is mega slow. After signing up, they kept calling me, wanting to sell me other things too, but I wouldn't buy into it. They wanted to set me up with an LLC, in Nevada, to avoid taxes, and wanted me to join their tax club, to show me how to avoid paying taxes. All of this and I still had no money coming in yet! By time I got around to trying to set something up, their so-called instruction DVD was no longer valid, because they updated all the information, so it was of no use to me. I had 6 so-called store fronts, which they would not let me have, because I didn't pay and they turned me over to collection. Instead of refunding me the $3,000, they tried talking me into 1 store front, but I had to give them more money. No way! I got scammed for $3,000, but because I did not have a credit card, they couldn't keep charging my debit card, thankfully. I was on disability and a limited income. You came to the right place so best of luck to you and hopefully you get all the other things straightened out, so you know where you are at. John
TopAchiever Premium
There is a check box to tick if you don't want the automatic renewal to take place. Since it is renewed by default, perhaps make sure to take that extra moment to tick the box so that it WON'T be renewed automatically.

I know that's one of the first things I look for when I purchase a new domain.

Hope that was somewhat helpful.
Stephanie33 Premium
Thanks for your comment. Yes, as soon as I find out what I'm buying and if I don't need it again, I'll discontinue the renewal. Yes, this is helpful. Thanks.
Debbi26 Premium
WA is a unique and awesome place to be. You do need to get all your other accounts sorted out though then stick with WA. Best wishes. ~Debbi
tomtitty006 Premium
You would be better getting to the bottom of all these transactions Stephanie,you don,t want to have a recurring bill each time from these companies.I wish you well on your journey here,the thing I like about WA is there are no more up selling,in other words when you sign up to premium you have all the materials that you need.
Stephanie33 Premium
Thanks Tom, I'll begin that project as soon as i can.
TerrBarr Premium
Thanks Stephanie I think many of us have experienced the same and are now enjoying WA as well
Stephanie33 Premium
Thanks Terry for "sharing the shame". I just fell for it all. I'll first talk with the service providers and find out what I have purchased, what it does for me and if I actually need it.