My closet is my office

Last Update: Apr 17, 2017


So, this is the situation right now. I have been living in this shared accommodation for the last 2 years and the noise annoys me so much!

There are other 6 people living in the house so I am always hearing doors closing or people talking. There is a girl next door who works less than part time, so she is always around. Arh!

I just can't concentrate properly. I need complete silence!

I bought ear plugs and also a ear muff, but I can still hear the little sounds of doors closing. My wife thinks I am crazy... lol maybe I am!

So I found a little piece of heaven inside my room - My tiny cosy closet! LOL

I put my ear plugs, close the door and I don't hear absolutely nothing!

I know it's not the ideal office, but silence is the most important thing right now.

Do you need complete silence to work? How is your office?

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I've always been a night person so I do most of my online work at night and sleep during the day. Its also cooler here at night. The day is very noisy in this neighborhood.

You might have to sound proof your room to have a bigger office!

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I love this post Stefan... my husband can't cope with complete silence so there's always a radio or the tv blaring. No wonder my brain feels so cluttered all the time. I think I need to find a closet of my own! Thanks for your stories, they really are quite an inspiration and definitely a motivator!

Hi Stefan

The main thing is; Are you happy with the solution to your problem? If you are, then that's all that matters.

I like silence too. I understand you. I hope everything come out nicely for you.

thanks a lot Marlene!

I can understand you well, I always use ear plugs for sleeping. But for work, I can listen to classical music. Try with Bach.

I use for sleeping as well.. :) Listening to classical music also works for me, but I still prefer the silence

This is interesting, Stefan since organizing cllsrts is my niche!

Although I live with two other people, because I don't have a full-time job I'm usually able to have the place to myself for several hours during the day so haven't quiet is not a problem. Hope that your "office" expands quickly.

You are lucky Veronica! I hope my closet is not so bad, and you can give me some tips to make it bigger...

Yes, it will expand as my business grows LOL I hope so

Well, on one hand, I have quiet for several hours each day; on the other hand, because I only work part time, I have less money in my pocket, so I guess it depends how you define "lucky".

I know, "lucky" is a tricky word.

I can say I am unlucky to work in a closet while some people don't even have a roof to sleep.

I think it's ingenious. I work at Starbucks because i crave the noise and commotion.

Incredible! I never tried working in a coffee shop, but I remember that I hated studying in the University library with people talking. So, I don't think it will work for me :/

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