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Last Update: November 19, 2017

Going from one place to another makes you a traveler but it may be a pleasant journey when sharing the trip with friends. Even if it just going to the office, but much more pleasant when it is with good friends.

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stannerman Premium
Talking to each other means transporting words and feelings, but travelling and conveying those words and feelings in person is worth much more
Armlemt Premium
I agree with you 100% Stan!
jtaienao Premium
Hi Stan,
I totally agree with you. It is definitely a much more pleasant experience when shared with people we consider as friends.
billarmstron Premium
A lot of people up my way are always on a trip and never leave the farm
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Stan, I take it you are referring to your trip Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which is a very special trip and is made much easier with the friends and colleagues we make along the way.
laparra1 Premium
Good evening Stan,

In my life, there have been long periods where I was alone. Thankfully I always had pets who kept me company.
I am lucky that I am not alone anymore for a year now and life is a lot more fun when one can share.

Have a great Sunday, Taetske
Whitechin35 Premium
When planing your travel chose your online travel agent
NickV1 Premium
Well said
BillandSue Premium
Hi Stan,
In my earlier days when I was single, and due to circumstances, I did travel a bit but always alone. But when I got married, traveling together is a lot more fun.

Nice thoughts.

bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
AlanJE Premium
Interesting discussion and a few jokes with your companion make the journey lighter, and seem quicker, no matter how bad the weather may be.