Last Update: June 26, 2019

My morning started with a knock on the door that I did not hear, and my cell phone ringing which is set to not come on until 9am., which means my home health aide was running late.

I get up without shoes, rushing to the door, asking who it is-of course it's my aide. As she comes in, I asked her to turn on the coffee. I stumble back to my room, shaky, finding my medication and taking it, I didn't realize the anxiety I felt.

After asking her a few specific questions, where none of the responses was what I wanted to hear, the anxiety grew worse. I asked her about my daughter-in-law's birthday card, which my aide's grandmother had made specifically for my daughter. She remembered that she had left it in the car. She goes out to get it and brings it back, and because it had gotten wet in her mailbox, there was a piece at the top of the card which came unglued, another area on the inside of the card had water stained the beautiful card.

Our next task was finding a large enough envelope for the card, which I did not have readily available in my beautiful box of various card, in individual bags with the title marked on each bag. There was also a bag marked enveloped, to no avail was there an envelope the larger size that was required.

After she went to the living room, I remembered in my dining room closet was a large box of enveloped. As I got up to check to see if my memory served me correctly, turning the dining room light on, trying not to fall as I read the titles of each box. I spotted a medium-sized box that in bold black print said 'envelopes'. My joy was back as I knew there were envelopes galore of various sizes. After telling my aide about the good news, I told her I was unable to reach the box. She would be able to reach the box without any trouble.

After making it back to bed to start working on emails from WA, about an hour had passed. There was the sound of keys and a thump- the mailman was early. After telling my aide that the mailman was here, I was again let down because she had been hard at work trying to get my website back up and running from where all my links had disappeared. For whatever reason, we can't use the widgets from C.J.

Anyways, I get up to remind her of the birthday card, and she had never gotten the box down to get a larger envelope. She gave me the 'I'm sorry' look, and proceeded to get the mail, then she got the box down as I was saying now we have to go out of our way to the post office. Plus, I was procrastinating getting dressed to see the cardiologist.

Finally, the funk has to go- it's time to get motivated. Now dressed, I make a quick phone call to make sure the cardiologist is going to be available. His assistant said that his appointment started at 1pm, but she hadn't seen him yet. I explained my displeasure at having to be there for two other appointments, where the doctor did not show up. I need to know this doctor, who was new to me, would be there.

As we proceed outside, getting into a Pontiac G6, my body is saying 'noooo, not again.' I'm in pain 24/7, so the low sitting car is hard for me, but I must remember, it always gets us where we need to go.

My home health aide then asked me where my appointment was at, given she isn't from the area, my response was to take the interstate. I've learned when my brain is out to lunch, not to try to give directions, which meant I had to remember the doctor's name, look up the address on my phone, which was charging, and remember to take a breath. This sounds strange, but it works for me.

Many times, I hold my breath when I'm in pain or stressed.

My aide then picks my phone up from the center console, because she had either not heard the address that I gave her or didn't remember it entirely. After she put the address in her phone, we were on our way to the cardiologist.

When we arrived, the doctor wasn't there. Also, the office was changing computer systems. Yep, you guessed it; paperwork.

Thank God my aide knows my information and didn't have to bother me with the questions.

We sat talking with a lady that was near, dressed with beautiful jewelry that caught my eye.

Within a half hour they started taking patients back. I had a new nurse, with whom I jokingly said, "you have big shoes to fill", because I really liked my other doctor's nurse.

The nurse who used to take care of me stuck her head out of a room and said, "she will take care of you just as good as me."

After hitting off of the all full scale that had to weigh me like an elephant, we proceed to room 7. After the normal questions, such as, 'do you still have chest pain, heart palpitations, do you get out of breath, etc.?" I respond with, "well heck yes I get out of breath, I'm overweight. I actually think it's just gas though."

With her professional protocol, she continued typing in her laptop, and told me that my birthday is two days before hers- a match made in heaven.

After a few smiles and laughs, she went out the door looking behind and said to me that there was one person ahead of me. She also brought us both a glass of water and was off again.

While waiting, I phoned the library reference desk to order some books for research for my website and then poof, the doctor comes in and introduces himself. I follow suit with my own introductions of myself and my aide. The visit was quick and everything was fine. He wants to see me back in 6 months.

Next stop, post office. There was not a drop box, but thank God for my aide, there was a parking spot, and she took the envelope inside and quickly gets back in the car. Away we go around the block, down the street to the library.

We go back to the reference desk, which is under some other name now, also it has totally been redesigned since I had last been there.

I asked the gentleman about the books I had reserved. He said, "I had just sent you a text message."

My response, "uh, no you didn't."

Believe it or not, there are two Sharon Stubbins. Easy mistake, right?

Since I had not been to the library since my son was younger, they too had a new system. The efficiency of this man was impressive. He made me a new card, got my books, and handed them to my aide.

The other man behind the desk said there were two more books on the shelf for Sharon Stubbins. They had been put in the wrong place.

I looked over both books and decided to take one of them with me. Thanked both men, and we were on our way.

One thing to note, when working with the public, keep some mints on hand or mouthwash after lunch- just a thought.

Now we are headed home and realizing how beautiful the day is, which my aide often says, and back onto the interstate.

I was both hungry and tired. As my aide went about doing some cleaning, I ate and then continued working on this blog of our day. When I was tensed and stressed earlier in the morning, I had opened an email from Max Lucado called, 'The waiting room. Wait until God works.'

As my day moved on, I had thanked God for what he was showing me today and I was thankful I didn't have to have another surgery.

We made it through!

After checking to make sure I had taken my 5pm meds and asking if I needed anything else, my aide left with her sweet smile, locking the door behind her.

I was exhausted, laid my phone down, and took a longer nap than I had intended.

It's a new day now. 12:52am. After getting up and now ready to go back to bed, I'm smiling because God spoke to me in a unique way yesterday-twice. My aide even mentioned something she had been practicing. "Focus on what you can control, and let go of the rest."

It reminded me of the serenity prayer. It now is time for me to go back to sleep. I've got to make sure my aide has her morning coffee-we have 3 appointments today.

It is my hope that you enjoyed a day in Ms. Sharon's life. Please like and leave a message, and let my aide know what a blessing she is to me! Thank you.


Ms. Sharon

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DaisyK78 Premium
Glad you made it through, shows your determination and great will. Good on you, it can't be easy to stay positive but you do!
Beautiful lady 🥰
Blessings from Daisy
SowAndReap Premium
You have a wonderful aide Sharon! You're also very descriptive in you story, it was like reading a book. :)
SStubbins1 Premium
Thank you. My intention was to make it feel like you were walking through my day with me. I hope I have accomplished that. Thank you for reading and connecting.

FKelso Premium
Quite a stressful day, and you got through it well. You have a great mantra there...focus on what you can control and let go of the rest. Something we can all remember and find useful.

Hope your week goes well.
BrendaMZ Premium
Wow, Sharon. You are fortunate you have her (your HHA) to help you. I live in a 24/7 care facility, assisted living. I constantly get interrupted by staff but they are just doing their jobs. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
MKearns Premium
I think she's a wonderful person Sharon. I pray you need little or no additional surgery!
SStubbins1 Premium
Thank you! That is my prayer as well.