Small Successes and Big Success - What Makes Them Different?

Last Update: June 10, 2015

The definition of a successful day is different for different people.

For some, that day which does not attract anger is a successful day.

For others, none should go against their wishes, and that day is successful day.

For a few, boss should not be unhappy on that day.

And for some others, constant flow of money should be there on daily basis.

There is no end to this list.

By the By, What is a success for you on a daily basis?

Here are my reflections.

  • If you think of life as a cascade of days like the above mentioned days, can success be different than daily happenings?
  • If we are caught in small dreams of success like above, is there a hope of bigger dreams and achievements?
  • More importantly, are we giving enough space in our life *On a daily basis* for the things that are important for us, but are not urgent and are we taking actions?
  • What helps us to think about activities that command the happenings in life rather than react to the happenings?

It took me 20 years of constant thinking and actions on a daily basis to re-wire myself and I can say now with confidence that I can take any circumstance in life with an inner smile, though i know, few of those circumstances could have been devastating to me in my previous years of life, without the mental preparation what I have today. IT TOOK TWENTY YEARS TO RE-WIRE MYSELF ON A DAILY BASIS.

I assume a few of you would have put in the same sort of efforts like me, for an all-round success in life ( family, self, health, social, spiritual and hobbies). For others who are on the same path, I would like to trigger hope in them that significant life is possible.

Once hope is there, then we can make resolution to act on a daily basis.

Once we take actions on an everyday basis, without getting affected by today’s happenings only and keeping vision of our life in mind, significant things are possible because of our daily actions.

We can’t wake up on a one fine day morning in our life after few decades from now and start doing significant things, because we had some economic freedom then.

Mind has to be trained on an everyday basis for different actions. Time is ticking on a daily basis :-) and unfortunately time cannot be re-wound for yet another round of daily actions. THIS IS A HARD FACT, YET TO BE DIGESTED WELL.

With this background, I have a training here for you, which will cover some of the success factors for new comers to WA. You may wish to take this short course.

Good luck to you all for daily actions and please do share to enrich the life of your co-travellers here at WA, so that we can all proposer together by focusing on significant things on a daily basis, other than attending to our assumed must-to-do lists :-)

With Love,

~Sridhar Rayasam

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JewelCarol Premium
You have written well, Sridhar, thanks very much for encouraging us!!
SridharRay Premium
Thanks Jewel for your comments. I got this inspiration being at singapore. I am all set leave to my country today. Singapore rocks!
JewelCarol Premium
Thank you, happy that you love Singapore. :))
Thoriso Premium
Thank you Sridhar. You elegantly illuminated an idea I have been wrestling with for some time now.

I will also take time to think my life instead of react. Appreciate the small successes.

SridharRay Premium
Good that you found this useful Thoriso!
SamiWilliams Premium
Good information! Thanks
SridharRay Premium
You are welcome
MFreire Premium
Great I sites. After my life got crazy with illness, divorce, hit and run accident that nearly killed me, I went looking for spiritual answers and the meaning of Karma. I was raised a Catholic, but I never fit in with their beliefs. I knew deep inside that this wasn't our only life and we were here to balance our Karma and help others.
I wish you the greatest of success.
SridharRay Premium
Until I found an ancient work of more than 1000 questions and answers on karma theory and until I took time to relate that to my experience this Karma theory was puzzle to me as well. ( Hint This is what I refer called Anushashana Parva of Mahabharata epic ( never mind all in sanskrit language, and just for reference).
Sample questions that I was delighted and hungry to read and absorb:
1. Why few people suffer in early portion of life and happy later?
2. Why few are happy without even basic resource?
3.Why few are unhappy even though they have everything?
4. Why some get everything in life and they pour at the feet, where as for few doing similar actions things are different dream?

The answers are stunning, fair and life changing. I am still a student of this life changing portion of this magnificent book of Karma.
All the good to you, sir.
htdad1 Premium
Action must be taken every day to move forward
SridharRay Premium
So true when it is inspirational and helping others and hence self. All the best