My Strengths Analysis and Possible Actions
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Training by SridharRay
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Description This is a 10 minute welcome course, for new members at WA family. It helps the new comers to stay focussed in their journey at WA.
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
1.You will get self-aware of your signature strengths
2. You will be able to maintain positivity in any circumstance
3. You will always look for every opportunity to utilise your strength
4. You will be able to take daily actions irrespective of results
5. You will become inward focussed and conquer outer world
6. You will not struggle during hard work. You will enjoy every minute of your Life
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SamiWilliams rated this Course 9/10
Good content to help newcomers as they start course.

Organized, and as I discover when organizing in my own life, that means removing The clutter.

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