Inspire, Intrigue, Invent

Last Update: October 05, 2017

Today I decided I should actually use the camera on my phone. I must say, the quality of the cameras on smartphones nowadays is pretty insane. I have my phone with my all the time, but besides taking pictures of my kiddo, I don't use it much. I decided today I was going to change that.

Beauty is Beast

Taking photos can be so rewarding. Almost forgot how relaxing it was as well. Not only that, it gives you access to beautiful and unique content you can use on your websites and social media. I'm going to cut this kind of short, but I wanted to share a photo that should be inspiring to anyone who is ready to spread their wings! I wish everyone the best of success. Take some time and do something out of your norm.

  • Find Inspiration Around You
  • Allow Yourselr to be Intrigued by Something New
  • Invent or Reinvent Aspects of Yourself

When you step outside of yourself, you allow a change in your perspective. Utilize this, and you can find new techniques and tools that will benefit your journey.

This fella was having a grand time playing in the wild flowers.



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Memorylaneuk Premium
Fabulous photo and a great analogy to go with it. I too am guilty of not taking enough photographs.
With Grace and Gratitude
kdecree5 Premium
Love the picture. Butterflies remind us about new life and when they're in our gardens I could watch them all day.

Thanks for sharing, Kathy
Loes Premium
So right, I just bought myself a new phone and it has a 13 mega px camera!

Lovely picture
This is one from my phone