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Wrapping Up a Work Day With a Time TravelerSo maybe you've heard.. it's been all over the news. Bryant Johnson of Wyoming was arrested for public intox and told the police of how he came from 2048 to help humanity! Alcohol was infused into his body in order for the travel to work. This has landed him the subject of viral news and many contacting him for an interview. He decided to come TO ME, to setup and handle his marketing, social media presences, as well as booking. This is a huge chance fo
October 05, 2017
Today I decided I should actually use the camera on my phone. I must say, the quality of the cameras on smartphones nowadays is pretty insane. I have my phone with my all the time, but besides taking pictures of my kiddo, I don't use it much. I decided today I was going to change that.Beauty is BeastTaking photos can be so rewarding. Almost forgot how relaxing it was as well. Not only that, it gives you access to beautiful and unique content you can use on your websites and social media. I'm go
September 25, 2017
and I think I just reached the stairs. Surely an escalator or even an elevator would be great. What's even better? An amazing community to walk with you up those steps.I'm just wrapping up Course 2 training. I've made a working site at which will contain the fruits of my wrestling passion, as well as the honor of being my first niche with the guidance of Wealthy Affiliate. I'm here to share a little bit about my experience and progress so far.WordPress Can be a Dooz
So, I just finished the first Certification Course. After compiling my first content rich article and rereading and editing to what I deemed acceptable, I have to say, I FEEL GREAT! I know there is still a long ways to go and it will take time, but I'm so happy to be utilizing my time properly and I'm learning valuable information as I go. The resources here are amazing and I have no regret going Premium. Thank you again, Wealthy Affiliate. I believe in this program and I'm feeling and seeing t
September 22, 2017
After a year of being a non premium member and struggling with indecisiveness, I've finally made the conscious decision to be successful. I realized I have been allowing myself to just "get by" and that was all my existence could continue to be if I allowed that mindset to rule my life. I know that change has to start with a conscious decision within myself and a positive environment. I look forward to surrounding myself with successful mindsets and successful individuals, and want to thank the