Avoiding Information Overflow. Take it step by step.

Last Update: May 20, 2020

Have you heard this phrase? "Information Overload" Are you wondering why? When you start as an internet marketer one time or another, it will happen.
Learning too much in a short time and jumping from here to there instead of going step by step. I know it is exciting to learn all the new things, but believe me when I say there is only so much your brain can process.

Information Overload -Frustration

After Information Overload comes, the frustration and you are feeling confused. We all go through this; you are not alone. You can always shout out here to the community for help.
Unfortunately, this happens so easy in the online marketing industry. Every day you are bombarded with new things, and different options to follow and to learn.
One important thing you should never forget does not lose the focus. Take a minute and step back and take the pressure off your back. It will not help you to move forward, take it easy and do every day one step, and if you are ready, take 2 or 3.
It's going to be here tonight, next week, and a year from now.
Here I have another old saying. "How do you eat an elephant?" Answer: One bite at a time.

Internet Marketing your Elephant

Believe it ... Internet Marketing is your elephant, and you have to choose which part you will eat first. The ear, the tail, the foot ... it does not matter if you start learning social marketing first, or email marketing first.
The important lesson is that you are educating yourself and putting the knowledge you learn to work. ( take action)
When you read the email marketing or social marketing guide, it doesn't matter which one you choose first. Important is that you apply the insights to the method of making money.
Only then you are on the road to success.

Sometimes things won't make sense because you have learned it first.
Don't worry if you do not have the money to start with, then don't buy look for free guides online.
Download a free ebook or a free course. Just start something you can do.
You do not want to start everything at once. You don't need to buy all things at one time.
If you want to start a blog, get a free website and download a free blog guide. Start and launch your blog.
Move on to whatever interest you next. Product creation or affiliate marketing whatever floats your boat.
Avoiding Information Overload is simple: don't get stymied by having too many choices and information at once.

Structured learning like you find here with Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to start, and avoiding the information overload.

Thanks for reading and commenting

Cheers Sylvia

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CStauber Premium
Thank you Sylvia for your post. Yes when frustration steps in to your learning process. it's time to step back and take a rest. Go for a walk or listen to calming music, say for 30 minutes to an hour. You will be surprised at how much more productive you will be when yo sat back down at your computer.

Take care
Maghdalena Premium
Also, I learned from Sean Mize, to work with one or two mentors, not a bunch, like say Kyle and Carson. That helps limit overwhelm. Unsubscribe to the other mentors that are nice, but not as helpful. (You can always go back to them later for more depth after you get the basics. The fewer the mentors, the less likely there's going to be confusion, overwhelm and freezing.
spurway Premium Plus
Hi Kathrine
Could not agree more.
It takes courage to stay with only one or two mentors. People always think they are missing out. In reality, they scatter their focus too far and in the end, they stop themselves from moving forward.
Have a nice day
stay healthy and safe
Makinitwork Premium
Yes I agree, think of it like a marathon. Dont want to burn out at the start. Although I tend to rush ahead. I always go back to double check. Thank Jen
spurway Premium Plus
Hi Jennifer
Great example it is like a marathon. You don't want to be powered out in the beginning. Have a beautiful day
Stay healthy and safe
zydegeaux Premium
I tend to jump back and forth. There is so much information to learn. Every day I find out something interesting from the WA members blogs and comments which is valuable advice but as well makes the Mt Everest of data a few feet higher.

Sometimes I have 10 or more tabs open on my browser. Yes, the structured learning is great. It's the structure of doing that slows down the structure of learning. And vice versa.
spurway Premium Plus
Agree with you. When you start it is so easy to get sidetracked and getting excited and overwhelmed with all the information.
Have a beautiful day and stay safe and healthy.
KathyAnne Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing this Sylvia:) Understanding one step first and implementing it before moving on, helps you remember it far easier. You're also more relaxed with a higher chance of success and a lower chance of giving up:) Kathy
spurway Premium Plus
Hi Kathy
Agree to implement what you learn is much easier and brings you closer to success. Some people give up just 5 minutes before they are successful.
Have a beautiful day.
Stay healthy and safe.
Cheers Sylvia