Google Analytics showing no traffic but I know I had a few visitors.

Last Update: May 12, 2016

Every day I log into Google Analytics to see that I had no visitors to my 2 sites. In fact, each show no one in the last 10 days.

However, my affiliate link on one site showed 5 clicks on May 10 ...even with no visitors! I've started using Twitter and Google Plus but those should lead to my site, not to an affiliate link. I'm not sure what is happening but I'd like to look at my stats with something besides GA since their reporting seems to be off somehow.

Also, on my other site with no visitors in 10 days, the owner of a similar blog that I joined visited my site, liked it, and wants me to do a book review and guest blog on her site ( yay!) But again, GA shows no visitors!

Any ideas of what could be happening?

And is there another way to check my stats beside Google Analytics?

BTW, I set GA to weed out the spambots...I don't know if this has affected anything.

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speedicut Premium
Well, I checked Google Search console and that tells me a different story!
One site has 350 or so impressions in the last 30 days and another 58.
I'm not sure what is going site shows 14 days of no visitors and the other just 4 in the last 14 days..
I might get rid of Yoast like you guys are saying and see of that helps what GA is seeing and reporting.
Thanks all!
Noteboom Premium
In one of the webinars from Jay in April, if I remember to correct the 1st one, he talks about why he choose all in one so prefer than YOAST.
Noteboom Premium
It happens for me. When I change back from YOAST to All in one it was normal again.
Aliee Premium
Same happened to me! I got really really worried :( I found that Yoast has a separate plugin called monsterinsights for connecting to GA. I downloaded it yesterday and today I see my stats again. Whew!!!
Chrissies Premium
Haven't noticed I'm afraid, hope you find what's happening :)
joyweb Premium
I haven't checked mine. Sorry I can't help.
Warnie37 Premium
I'm the same, my traffic has dropped off this past week ever since I registered with Google site maps..