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I've got a new site I've been working on this weekend. About a half-hour ago I was experimenting with themes. I could only try a few from my site customizer so I went to Build Your Site and selected one to try.It completely re-built my site and erased my previous pages! Yikes!! I should have known!Yes, I'm an idiot for doing that...I'm used to trying out themes and it always leaves my posts and pages and for some dumb reason I thought the builder would just put another theme for me to waffle ov
One of my sites is about caregiving for loved ones and stresses 'keeping them in their own home'. I applied and was rejected TWICE by one of the companies that offer the medical alert devices ( I've fallen and can't get up type device). I was told TWICE that my site wasn't appropriate.So, I emailed back and sent a link to my site and asked 'how is this not a perfect fit for your product?'Within about 10 minutes I got a reply and was accepted! The girl that does the research said that sometimes
Every day I log into Google Analytics to see that I had no visitors to my 2 sites. In fact, each show no one in the last 10 days.However, my affiliate link on one site showed 5 clicks on May 10 ...even with no visitors! I've started using Twitter and Google Plus but those should lead to my site, not to an affiliate link. I'm not sure what is happening but I'd like to look at my stats with something besides GA since their reporting seems to be off somehow.Also, on my other site with no visitors
Usually, when I want to upload an image or two to Wordpress there are no issues -- they upload just fine.But sometimes I get an error message: 'An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later'. And I try again later...and later..and later with the same problem. After awhile I don't know whether to abandon the image or just save my post as a draft and try the next day which I hate to do because when I'm at the 'add images' stage I'm on a roll!.This happens fairly frequently with me ( on
Hi all!Amazon has a habit of moving/removing/changing some products. and I found out the hard way. I looked at a product I have on my site and noticed that not only the price had changed, it was no longer available for free shipping for Prime members -- and I had touted the price and free shipping on my site! I don't think anyone was inconvenienced by this since I seem to be the only visitor to my site :(Anyway, I'm going through all my Amazon links and changing/updating the links if the pricin
Well, not totally finished of course because we always have to add content and keep it updated, but I think I'm finished with the basics. I plan on making/adding a video and my product review page is blank but the core is there. Plus, I haven't added any affiliate links yet ( maybe one) because I'm having an issue with one. But, I'll get that solved in the morning.It's not the same site I started building as I watched Course 1 Lesson 4 on my first day as a free member but it's better...much bet
When I joined WA it was nice to be able to get inside with a free, limited membership. I could look around at the tools available, take advantage of the knowledge already posted by Kyle, Carson, and other members. Knowing that there was something to WA I took advantage of the $19 first month discount and began my journey as a premium member. Wow, what a difference that made! While the free membership actually gives you a lot, premium takes it to a whole different level!While I thought I'd conti
Never wrote a blog before so here gentle!I've been here at WA for about a week now. The first thing I did was go through the first 10 lessons and followed Kyle's far so good!I knew what my niche was going to be from the start because it's the business I'm in and it's something I know extremely well ( bottled water/water filtration/any and all things water).Within a few days I had my website up and running with a few pages but, of course, no traffic at this point but