Don't give up if rejected as an affiliate

Last Update: June 07, 2016

One of my sites is about caregiving for loved ones and stresses 'keeping them in their own home'.

I applied and was rejected TWICE by one of the companies that offer the medical alert devices ( I've fallen and can't get up type device). I was told TWICE that my site wasn't appropriate.

So, I emailed back and sent a link to my site and asked 'how is this not a perfect fit for your product?'

Within about 10 minutes I got a reply and was accepted! The girl that does the research said that sometimes the acceptance criteria matches the site but will still reject it....but, she took a look at my site herself and accepted me as an affiliate immediately.

So, if the product you want to sell is a good match for your site but you get rejected by the affiliate program don't give up! Follow up and show them you are a great fit for their product.



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DeniseOlsen5 Premium
Congrats! Thanks for the insight!
bjdluna Premium
Congrats! Your site must be really good!
AlexEvans Premium
Good advice David, if at first we don't succeed give it another shot.
Lbath5 Premium
Thank you for the informations
theresroth Premium
Thanks for posting this, David!