Last Update: December 04, 2013

Hey Folks!

For those of you who may not know this little trick in Word Press, [I know, those of you out there with experience with WP probably already know this....But How Am I supposed to know THAT!! Jeez!]...
that will allow you to delay when your new post will,.....well, post!

OK, you're all hot and just smokin' the keyboard with articles getting written faster than the printer can handle and your hard drive is makin' all kindsa noise you never heard before. Now what?

Or you've been working hard on one particular article and have created a lengthy masterpiece..Now what?

You probably don't want to post them all at the same time, right after they're done, or maybe you think it would be better to break your masterpiece up into several 'chapters' and tell your readers to come back tomorrow for more. How do you do that? What, you go in each day cut up a new section of your article, the next 'chapter' or copy and paste one of the pile you spat out earlier?

Nope, don't have to do that.

As you can see here, when you are in your edit post area, there is the section for
'Publish Immediately'. See that edit button next to it?

Hit 'Edit' and you can schedule when you current post is, uh....what's the word?.....OH, POSTED!!


Just one of those things that's really handy but is easily looked over.


George - Specs International Marketing

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Blessings44 Premium
I only found this option a little while ago and found it very handy in writing a post today that should've been posted two days ago. So if you've been a lazy blighter, you can still make everyone believe that you're well on time! Lydia.
georama Premium
Yes I just overlooked it. Thanks for info, may use in future.
AnnieB Premium
Yes it is handy isn't it? Though I must confess I've only used once or twice. I'm needing to engage it's services more often.
OldCodger Premium
G'day, Lord George! See those words in red underneath what you've outlined? They're the ones I click on most often! My bin overfloweth. :) george
hart48 Premium
Good one George!
AnnieB Premium
My favourite is the saved drafs/changes - up to about 100 on one or two. Mainly my very first post or two. Your comment is too funny, George :)
SpecsShorts Premium
Most definitely a writer's heart!! More pooh than product....ah but it's Great product!
Was wonderin' where ya been, Sir George!! I've been in and out for some short stints so if I've missed ya, sorry.