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Last Update: Nov 10, 2020

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An extra 25 domains Free credits per month to buy 50 comments and Jaxy Enterprise normally $99 Per Month included there was no holding back from all of that.

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You seem pumped up and all excited about the new Premium rollout. There are certain distinct benefits to be gained from this membership that makes it worth its weight in gold!
I prefer a more subdued approach. I would take up the new premium membership when my website starts making money. That would be an incentive for me to work hard and earn enough money to take the membership.

Unfortunately, when your hand is closed on paying for stuff it is also closed for receiving stuff. Whenever I spend money other people follow and spend money too, therefore I get well paid. You tend to attract the behaviour of what you put out there. So if you want a following of investors you need to invest rather than save coppers in a jar. Your brain will subconsciously find a way to make money when you decide to get or do something. It will also follow your orders if you decide not too. Saying you will do this when that happens is like a farmer saying to his field I will pay for seed next year if you grow me a good crop. Miracles like this could happen but it's highly unlikely to.

Great perspective!

Thanks every time I have the other perspective I end up broke, it definitely works. Though it can take a while to change your mindset with this stuff it works wonders. For my first two years online in 2003, I went for free stuff and made nothing or very little. As soon as I spent 12k on credit cards to pay for three mentors at an Internet Marketing Event within weeks I started making money.

Great job!


Thanks, Jeff :-) I have been wanting a higher ticket product in WA for ages so the least I could do when it came out is to buy it.

I completely understand! Well done!😎



Thanks, Debbie

Congratulation, Sotiris!! Enjoy!!

I'll have to wait until next year.

Have a Blessed week.

Thank you, Monica, who knows there may be a Black Friday offer. You have a great week too. It's funny when I decided to buy it a day later 2 x $350 dollar commissions and a $25 residual commission came in the door.

Pretty tempting!!

It sure is.

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