Last Update: August 23, 2018

Before my son was born I never really tripped off of money. I was never obsessed with getting rich, or acquiring a home, savings, etc... I always had what I needed and I was living a very carefree, selfish life that vagabonds live... traveling, grateful dead, stuff like that....

Then my son was born, this little guy right here. I used to take sleep for granted. I never sleep now. Inspired by my lack of sleep I made a blog about it. I am so invested in making this website work, as a catalyst, a beginning, then I will expand and venture to other niches... its just right now as a mama I am soooooo busy all the time!!! I foolishly purchased a second URL in my name because I was told that was a good idea, but now I have no idea what to do with it. It has like 3 posts, but I will let it be because if I attempt to do something there my energy will be spent divided, just no good, you know?

My purpose is to provide this little guy with a childhood that requires money, of course. I want him to have Disneyland and Karate Lessons and the very best sneakers for his feet. Every parent wants to be able to give their child everything they need and want right?

It is really hard to make ends meet, I do not have any extra money to get my hair done , or get my lip waxed, you know... girly nessicary things that make a women feel beautiful. I used to get fake lashes put on at the salon and my nails done etc, I just don't have the funds for that, everything I get is spent on diapers, baby food, supplies for baby, etc..

I would LOVE to get my eyebrows nicely done. I would love to get my hair cut by a real BOSS hairstylest. I would love to get some nice new clothes and not be flopping around in my big croc shoes and yoga pants. I mean, these days I look a straight mess because I do not have the energy or money to take care of myself.

Etc. etc.... sheesh...

its 1:20 am I really should sleep my son is going to be awake at 5:30 just watch...

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dchapman3 Premium
You are a great mom and I hope the best for you and your sweet son.
MKearns Premium
I love your image, Sophia. It looks very elegant and like you are a great business developer in a fashion industry.
firstlearn Premium
You are doing fine Sophia. Sure a young child takes it out of you, but every mother and father have different experiences. No two children are the same, especially in their sleeping habits.

Just do what you can when you can.

KennyGlossop Premium
Don’t worry you a doing a great job. Keep taking little steps forward and you do great!
Vickic3 Premium
You sure do an awesome WHY Sophia and I wish you lots of online success and all the best with your wee friend