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My niche site is almost two years old and not getting any google traffic. All of my traffic comes from Pinterest. I am not making any substatial money. I would like to switch my site from a Parenting / Baby Sleep Niche site to more of a lifestyle blog like how I see other Instagram mommies do. I just don't know how to cleverly morph from a baby sleep site to my own personal lifestyle blog.... I wouldn't even know how to monetize it. I just am so not satisfied with how things are turning out so
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January 21, 2019
I just got to give some loves again to the Support Team here at Wealthy Affiliate. They are always there to help out with whatever issue or problem I have. If I need a technical favor, I know I can just ask them and they will do it for me. I know that if I mess up my website , that Support has a backup of my site for me. They have really gotten me out of so many pickles. They go beyond hosting and solving problems, they are also very thoughful and considerate, sometimes funny.... I just appreci
Calling one of our YouTube subscribers to review their siteJim & Ricky from IncomeSchool contacted me after I left a comment on one of their YouTube videos. They did a live phone interview with me and surprised me with a huge blessing.
November 23, 2018
I am very pleased so far with todays progress. Very grateful that I found this community and was able to teach myself something that will sustain me in the future for years to come. I am truly thankful and feel blessed for this opportunity.I have to say the training here at Wealthy Affiliate works. If you just follow everything step by step, and collect enough comments, write good content, etc, you will make it. Just make sure you set a slice of time each day to work on your project little by l
UPDATE:I forgot to include this screen shot.I had to point out to someone in the comments who was so high and mighty about being "honest" that this is INTERNET MARKETING not the GIRL SCOUTS. We are trying to get visitors and trying to LOOK GOOD - if your agenda is about "Being honest" well good for you, I hope that works out well for you.If a person has a website that has nothing to do with me, and I want to leave a quality comment, I am going to stretch the truth and act like I relate to the s
So I have had my website for one year now.I have followed Kyles training, written good content adhering to what was taught about SEO and keyword placement. How to chose keywords. I am not a beginner here. Lets just say that my website is really nice, and on the brink of being noticed.... I hope?I have been getting an average of 30 to 100 visitors a day and its entirely from Pinterest and social media. I have a rather large Pinterest following as well as a Tailwind account cleverly pinning thing
September 17, 2018
The other day on my birthday I made a really big mistake and basically downloaded a plug in that wiped out my website cache. Then I tried to do a backup and messed up my site even more. It looked alright on the surface, but there were many articles missing. People were coming to my site from Pinterest and seeing 404 errors - so embrassing - I was litterally in tears sending site support hysterical message after hysterical message. But thankfully, Site Support was able to restore everything bac
August 23, 2018
Before my son was born I never really tripped off of money. I was never obsessed with getting rich, or acquiring a home, savings, etc... I always had what I needed and I was living a very carefree, selfish life that vagabonds live... traveling, grateful dead, stuff like that....Then my son was born, this little guy right here. I used to take sleep for granted. I never sleep now. Inspired by my lack of sleep I made a blog about it. I am so invested in making this website work, as a catalyst, a b
August 09, 2018
On August 1, Google did a broad algorithm update. They do this several times a year, but for this update, it appears to have affected the YMYL niches – "your money, your life."Some health and lifestyle sites took a huge hit, and many sites that were ranking top 1-3 are now...not! The YMYL niche is a huge niche – especially for us mom bloggers.What Google was looking for during this update (at least this is the speculation) was improved E-A-T – expertise, authority, trust (more
Hi Everyone, Ms.Never Sleeps Mommy here trying to make a dollar out of one or two clicks!I have been here at WA for 10 months. This is what I have made so far: - I have successfully amassed a following on PInterest. about 2,500 followers and with that I am able to get around anywhere from 35 views up to 200 views per day. None of my pages are ranked on Google number one yet. I made sure to pick keywords that have 0 or virtually no competion. And I have made sure that I place