The Value of the WA Community

Last Update: Mar 18, 2020

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Social Isolation. That is the new buzz word. I never used that phrase until this week. In order to help prevent the spread of this virus, it seems that the whole world is recommending social isolation.

For me, living and working on a farm, "social isolation" has already been a way of life to some extent.

For those of us that have already been working online or working from home, social isolation is not really a new concept either. As result, I really appreciate the value of the WA community.

The WA community keeps us from FEELING alone. It keeps us from feeling socially isolated.

  • If we have a question, we can ask someone.
  • If we are curious what other people are doing, we can look into the chat room or watch the new posts that are popping up.
  • If we want to talk to someone about our business dreams and goals, we simply need to login to the WA website.
  • We can comment on other people's posts and read their responses.
  • To me, the best thing is that we can talk with like-minded people. We can talk about what we are learning, affiliate marketing, websites, SEO and getting motivated or unstuck. We can share our joys and tribulations with other people that understand.

Although there is physical distance between each of us, here at WA, we are not isolated from other like-minded people. For that, I am thankful.

I hope that you can find the joy and opportunities that surround you today. Don't forget. You get to choose your perspective. Do you see that toilet paper role as being half full or half empty?

Take care,


Recent Comments


Have to agree with you on everything Sondra and the roll is definitely half full.

Twack, I am glad your roll is half full.

I hope that you have a great day!

You too, thank you.

Great post-Sondra. Yes, we have a great bunch of people here.

You are one of the great people in this community!

Thanks Sondra.

Yes, Sondra. We can engage and learn from each other. This is called peer learning.

Peer learning can greatly speed up the learning process.

p.s. Thanks for sharing the pictures on your last post. They were interesting to look at.

I know this is a very serious topic but the picture has me laughing out loud! I'm also thankful for the interactions online and here. Praying for everyone and you included.

For our sanity during tough times, we need to be able to smile and laugh some. A smile has the amazing ability to make people feel better even if just for a few moments. So, I am glad that you liked the picture I found for this post.

Everyone, to include you, are in my prayers also.

Great post, and you are correct, for those who work from home, isolation is already a common thing. Although on the other hand, it's only been a few days of no school and my girls are not very happy about this staying at home stuff lol. They say I am too boring to be around all day!

LOL Just think, most of the times kids look forward to not having to go to school. I hope that you all get settled into a new routine soon.

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